American Flag Wayspot Abuse?

First of all, this never should have been accepted. And then today I got these photos to review:

And when I went to check the portal to see if there was anything special in the description, I saw the portal already had all these photos:

If Niantic wants to do anything about this, the link is Ingress

When you review new photos, you’re going to see every photo that’s on it.

that is not accurate. i saw nine photos in review, and there are twelve on the portal. i think you see the main photo in wayfarer, which equals the one in pokemon go, and then new submissions

plus this looks like an attempt to spawn a gym by abusing photos

at a wayspot that never should have been accepted


Hmm. I put up the specific photos that I referred to from the review and from the portal so that people could compare and see if they thought the photos were duplicates, but got a notice that the post had been flagged as inappropriate so I took those back down.

Don’t care about the flags, they are reviewed by Administración and Ambassadors so anyone can just delete the authomatic flag on your post. Please post again the photos and if your comment get flagged by the system, the flag will be removed as I’m sure you are not sharing something wrong!

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and i just now got this to review! how many are they trying to add? i am rejecting them all since they are all basically duplicates as far as i can tell

There is no “report abuse of edits” option on photo reviews, and the flag options don’t match up either

I thought you were just supposed to check if the photo meets the criteria and if it matches the description :thinking:

You are supposed to reject duplicate photos. But can I find where that was said :woman_shrugging:

I did!

  • Exact duplicates of existing photos

Here I find the guidelines a bit confusing. It’s easy if you are considering one new addition. But which duplicate should you reject when they have already been accepted? One or both?

You can actually submit identical photos without breaking the rules. I nominated one Wayspot, got it rejected and tried again with the same pictures and and a new description. This was when the appeal function started rolling out, so I appealed the original submission. Both the appeal and the new submission got accepted at the same time one being tagged as a duplicate. So now the Waypot has two identical images without any abuse of the system.

In this case none of the images seem to be duplicates, they are just similar images. A duplicate would be the exact same image uploaded several times. Honestly I would accept all these images, although I would definitely have rejected the Wayspot if I was reviewing that :sweat_smile:

My point is getting lost. There appears to be attempted manipulation of this Wayspot with the multiple similar photos being added.

Isn’t that totally within the rules? As long as it is a picture of the Wayspot they can submit as many pictures as they like (maximum 40 in a single day). :sunglasses:

Niantic has called out attempting to manipulate the game board as abuse.

There really isn’t an option for reporting anything like that while reviewing images. I would still argue that all the photos meet the criteria and I would vote to accept them :sweat_smile:

It is of course only speculation that there is any attempt to manipulate some aspect of the gameboard. I know of someone who has submitted a lot of pictures of a wayspot because one aspect changes. This is done because they find it interesting with no ulterior motive.

When I have reviewed in the USA I can’t help but see the American flag a lot. Nothing wrong with that. So it is worth keeping an open mind as this may be someone simply adding another picture of the flag. They may not realise it may cause an issue and be an annoyance to review.
Or maybe you have checked the level 14 cell and it turns out to be abusive.
Maybe @NianticAaron can find a way forward