Title Change Appeal Harshly Rejected

Twisted Root is a burger place in DFW with several locations. When Bowlounge first opened, they made the food there and had its name on the mural. They left probably over 6 years ago and they redid the mural. I’ve added the new photo a long time ago and it was accepted so you can see “Twisted Root” isn’t on it any longer. Tried editing out the Twisted Root in the Title. It got rejected and the appeal was rejected. This seems like a pretty aggressive response. How is removing “Twisted Root” from the title a violation? Seems a little harsh to accuse someone of trying to manipulate the game when they’re actually just trying to make it more accurate.

A few weeks back, a niantic person made waves by saying that any attempt to “repurpose” a wayspot was considered abuse and that the correct course of action when one thing has changed to another is to report the old for removal and then nominate the new.

However there was one exception. Murals. So the fact that both the old title and your edit include the word “mural” makes this response a real head scratcher. I guess the internal review person who handled it didn’t think it was actually a mural at the focus of the wayspot?

maybe @NianticAaron can shed some more light on this situation.


Interesting since the photo edit was accepted a while back.

I think most reviewers approve photo submissions, especially since there’s no map provided to check, but if the building hasn’t changed, that could be another reason for acceptance.

Take parks for an example. They may keep their names, but every so often, their signs may be updated. So instead of a wooden sign, they may replace it with a metal sign, but the name of the park is still the same. I get a good deal of photo reviews for new park signs, even though the old signage is still being used as the main photo.

That is likely because we are only asked if the photos meet critieria, ie not pitch dark, taken from a car, blurry, or focussed on people or animals. There’s a whole world of bad/outdated/inaccurate photography that meets critieria, and since we aren’t given any indication of what the waypoint is, we can’t judge any of that.

I wish we could do more on photo reviews.


I wouldn’t call it a mural exactly, it’s more of a sign, but I think the restaurant/lounge is a fine waypoint anyway so I don’t think the wording matters too much, and you didn’t exactly choose that name

Your edit seems to be sensible, as the title has changed to drop 1 part but keep Bowlounge

It’s also an odd response to accuse you of abuse here since the restaurant/lounge hasnt really changed if I’m understanding correctly? The name has just partially changed? So an edit seems completely sensible to my mind.

Nice to know we can be banned now for suggesting partial, accurate name changes on somewhere that looks like a great place to socialise :sweat_smile:

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The original object was actually a mural inside the business.

hmm i guess that makes sense as that implies it’s a different wall. however it seems like it represented a “business within a business” where the outer business is still there. sort of an edge case imo. thanks for the clarification.

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No it wasn’t. It was on the outside. I live near this business and have been going since it opened.