My Pokestop edit has been rejected twice

Hi folks,

The pub near me has come under new ownership and they’re chaning the name back to its original name, The Snooty Fox, but I have already submitted it twice to the niantic wayfarer forum and its been rejected twice. I have provided photo evidence of the change of name, the new signage is up and I have submitted 3 seperate photos of the new signage with the new name, and it has still been rejected.

Is it something to do with me? Does someone have beef with me or something?

Apparently you are supposed to ask for a removal then resubmit again under the new name :man_shrugging:t2:


Niantic has been insistent that Wayspots not be “repurposed” but if this is truly a name change for the exact same business and you can document that, then you can appeal the rejection. If the “Appeal” option is not showing from your contributions page, there is a 20 day timer on two appeals for everyone now, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

If a different business is there, even if it is the same kind of business, you do have to report for removal and resubmit as a Wayspot to get it corrected. I know this causes havoc in Pokemon Go, and many people choose to just leave it incorrect.

I am not sure if under new ownership counts as a different business or not tbh. And fyi, one of my appeals of a rejected title edit led to the poi being removed.


Common U.K. problem

It’s the same basic business, and in all probability same owners.
This in my opinion is a very minor change, and common sense should apply. I don’t see this as being repurposed into something entirely different.

Have you submitted a new photo?
Emily the computer programme, can accept new photos very quickly.
Once a new photo is added thumbs up the new one to help it become the primary photo. Now at least
Then submit the title edit. It might help to keep the description pub name neutral in case the wind changes direction again.


That may be treated as abuse if the business has changed. Niantic has warned people for that. I wouldn’t suggest doing that unless it’s the same business changing its name and that can be verified through any official link.

I know I rejected the 1st one because it has a person in the photo and that’s not allowed.

This could be solved incredibly easily if Niantic wouldn’t sit on their hands whistling while Ambassadors attempt to do their dirty work and leave players more confused.


This is something I will never be able to wrap my head around. Niantic pretends to want the map to be an accurate representation of the real world. And while very nice, permanent POIs keep being rejected for no valid reason (‘wayfairer criteria’ that I apparently interpret completely different), it is virtually impossible to get invalid POIs removed or adapted to the existing situation.

Also the tools we get to apply for an alteration, leaves way too little room for motivation, pictures, text and links, so usually ‘I dont know’, skip or take a guess is the only option you have as a reviewer.

I have learned the hard way to just leave it as is. As much as I would like to see real-world updates in the game, it is too risky and too complicated as long as we dont get real insight in the process.


I hope I’m not adding to the confusion, and am offering my opinion.

This is not adapting a wayspot as that implies squeezing a square peg into a round hole. Many will stop at the stage of submitting a new photo.

I don’t think this is an easy topic to resolve.
I whole heartedly agree that if it’s something totally different then changing it bit by bit is not appropriate as the totally new object needs to be there on merit. Eg a statue in a park gets removed and a new seating area installed to encourage chatting to fight lonliness. It will disrupt game play but hopefully not too much. This relies on swift nomination resolution.
There is a lot of nuance and judgement involved, the lines can (should?) be hazy.
Not all wayspots are created equal. Those that appear in Pokémon Go are more visible as a much greater number of players. So if something has changed it’s more likely to be spotted. Ingress portals will open up more to scrutiny. But there is the ever growing number of Lightship only wayspots which can easily slip under the net because of the lack of people seeing them.
Ooops gone down a rabbit hole again.

Almost no one sees them right? Only Niantic staff and a few others?

Not at all.

The confusion only comes from one direction. Ambassadors are still people too… Maybe…I hope.

They could just say yes this is ok or no don’t do this we view it as abuse. It’s a very specific UK problem and I’m not sure why Niantic are often like deer in the headlights when it comes to making a decision.

I walked past a nice picnic area I’d added today with about 30 people sitting around. Were they there for the explore, socialise and exercise because of my Wayspot? The cultural highlights after DC1 told them about the new Wayspot.

Nah, it was just me there to spin a stop. Nobody outside the Niantic bubble cares about the lofty idealism of adding a postbox or changing the name of a pub on a map they’ll never see. It’s really not that important :slight_smile:

Stop farting in the wind Niantic and make a decision ffs

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Well there is the local display when you open the nomination location select screen in pokemon go

True, but you cant see much there or edit anything so cant do any updates.