Unable to move pin to correct location while editing

So I was trying to move the location of this POI to the correct spot, but everytime I move the marker on the map it immediately snaps back to the existing location. Where the marker currently exists is a completely different building/museum that would be a viable POI as well. The buildings are next door to one another so I suppose the original submission was just placed incorrectly. What can I do to navigate this problem? Should I make several edits to the existing POI so that it reflects the proper info and submit the existing one as a new nomination instead? Ive attached a few photos for review.

you can only move about 10m with pogo in game location edits. for anything farther you need to use help chat from the help menu in wayfarer. they will want evidence.

do not try to make a series of incorrect location edits.

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Thank you for clarifying this, I will reach out to the help desk.

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Several times I attempted to submit the correct location of a pokestop. The correct location was to far away to submit the correction. These appear on a local trail. It appears someone may be making invalid submissions. One stop was in the middle of the river and two other on private property. I was able to have them removed. I have one currently with the correct information except the location is incorrect and I am unable to adjust. In this case should I submit the stop as invalid?

You can ask help chat to correct the location. Access help chat from the help menu on the wayfarer site. They will want the correct gps coordinates and several geotagged photos.

Help chat may decide to remove the wayspot instead, but if it actually does exist in an eligible location, I would start with the location edit.

I have had way too many issues with nomination gps in certain areas to assume it was a bad actor. But help chat will probably investigate if you submit the location edit.

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