Unable to adjust POI location


My nomination (the entrance to a local trail) was recently accepted, however, the location of the stop is now incorrect; I attempted to move it using the in game tool (Pokemon GO), however, when I attempt to move it to the correct location, it just moves automatically back to the original spot.

When I submitted this stop, I was standing directly in front of the trail and selected the correct the location; I don’t know if the stop was moved during the Wayfarer review process.

As it stands, the gym is off about ~500ft from the entrance to the trail, and in its’ current location, is now in front of someones’ house.

Here is a picture of the gym as required:

Additionally, here is a picture of the in-game map where the gym is currently spawned, and I marked up where the trail entrance is (you can see the trail on the map leading from the spot):

For reference, here is an OpenStreetMap link showing the trail: OpenStreetMap

Additionally, here is the entrance shown on the Connecticut Park & Forest Association trail map: ArcGIS Web Application

Am I unable to submit a change because the POI is too new?


There is a limit to how far you can move something via the game (10m). You can use help chat from the help menu in wayfarer to ask them to move it. You will need evidence.

(Seinfeld reference XD)

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Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that functionality even existed, and I submitted a ticket!

As @cyndiepooh says, if you login to the wayfarer site and go to the help page, the support chat can help you out.

For bug reporting reference, did you by any chance make more than one submission at the time you did this submission?

I don’t believe so. I believe it was only a single submission on that one.