Unclear Acceptance/Rejection Criteria

I’ve been trying to get a directional sign approved in my local park, yet it keep being rejected for bizarre criteria. I’ve had 5 other similar signs approved, it’s just this one that gets knocked back, with very odd reasoning.

Firstly I think it meets the following criteria.
It’s located within a park: Exercise :heavy_check_mark: Social :heavy_check_mark:
Permanent physical :heavy_check_mark: Tangible :heavy_check_mark: Identifiable :heavy_check_mark:
Safe :heavy_check_mark: Publicly Accessible by pedestrians :heavy_check_mark:
Title/Description/Photo are accurate :heavy_check_mark:

First time was rejected for “Wayfarer Criteria”, now considering at this time every other sign was accepted, I figured maybe it was the photo, it’s not super clear and could be better, so i’ll try for a better photo.

Second time, this time explicitly photo bad. Ok, its a bit dim, but I thought it was better.

Third time I took a much better photo (which was hard as it is a well shaded spot).There was a different reason from the actual review, which was complaining about the photo again which was much brighter.
So I appeal and Niantic say it’s a regular directional sign. Now I’m not sure how different this is to a trail marker, which are much less informative (this directs you to the library) and are way more generic with maybe an arrow or number.

Could this get looked at properly?

The first two photos were terrible, so I can see why they were rejected (sorry). The third one, you need to really sell it - it IS just a generic road sign. Why should this one be made a POI over any other road sign? These are the things to put in the supplemental information. A trail marker maybe boring, but it’s the trail itself being nominated, with the marker purely a tangible object to pin it down to. A sign guiding you to a local attraction isn’t going to be accepted based on the criteria of it needing to be distinct.

Take a look at Criteria Clarification Collection - there is something in there on trail markers and these kind of directional signs. This clearly shows this shouldn’t be accepted.

Sorry if that seems negative - I’m all for getting as many stops in the game as I can, but it needs to be interesting!

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It’s not the most amazing POI for sure, it’s just the others went through fine, so it’s weird this one is struggling is what im getting at.

Also, there’s basically no difference here. It’s a directional sign to various points of interest. Library and nearby park entry point with distances.

Now, I suppose it could be compared to this one… but I dunno, feels different.