Unofficial deer crossing sign

I came across the following:

Is this a legit Wayspot?

  • This is not an official traffic sign, should it be approved??

  • Not many Waypoints in the immediate area. (only an entrance sign for a park)

  • This is a unique sign as someone from the community made it.

I’m curious what you think about it?

I’ve had deer signs accepted but I think you might struggle to get that past reviewers.


Being on a wooden stake makes it look temporary.

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In what way would this meet criteria? How is it a GREAT place for exercise, exploration, or being social? I don’t see any reason to accept this.


It must be a great place to see deer, since they all know to cross at the sign…


This does not mark a place.

It more like a statue, so for the artistic or uniqueness value of the sign it selve.

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This is a warning sign to watch for deer. This is not art.


Warning signs to watch for deer are common where I’m from, but they are typically put up next to more rural roads near areas that deer may be. Not safe to access when a car could be going by fast, no sidewalk in sight, and also very generic.

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Definitely not. It’s a mass produced street information sign.

Oh, dear…