Update on the Braves Retired Numbers at Truist Park: Emily auto-rejected it. What did I miss?

I felt this nomination was an absolute slam-dunk after getting significantly better disc photos for it at Truist Park yesterday, especially considering how incredibly important the players are whom are represented by these numbers.

So color me surprised when it doesn’t even go to voting before being auto-rejected:

I looked at the email and it said that “our team” evaluated it, so I know this was Emily’s doing. What exactly did I miss here? This is especially puzzling as my Coca-Cola Corner nomination made the cut, and I had a fairly similar description/supporting info to this one. Would appealing this be worth it?

First off, you don’t need to include the park’s name in the title. Just Atlanta Braves Retired Numbers would suffice.

2nd, mentioning “hanging from the 3rd deck” makes it sound like it’s unsafe for pedestrians to visit. I would maybe say that they are located in the left field stands at the park.

I really do think this is going to be a hard sell, not just to get past ML, but the community. Like I said about Target Field, the Twins retired numbers there don’t have a Wayspot, and they are actually in a more accessible area (on the ledge of the lower left field concourse) than these are.

It would be really weird if the “Truist Park” portion of the title wound up being a flag reason, because I had another nomination with a very similar title for the Coca-Cola Corner area the next L17 cell over, and that passed community voting in about the same time span this got auto-rejected.

After thinking it over some, I think it may very well have been the mention of “hanging” in the description, as there may have been a number of ways that word could be interpreted by Emily. I was simply describing how the numbers are displayed to the stadium. Based on the support photo it should be clear that you don’t actually have to hang from one of the decks to get a good view of it, and you can walk right up to the aisles the numbers are displayed over really easily. I wouldn’t be able to add on a whole lot to the description without running over, but I do have a tweaked version of the description saved to a doc in case I need it.

Another update: Well, I tried again with a modified title, modified description and completely overhauled supporting info to try and go the extra mile to show the immense cultural significance of these numbers:

Unfortunately, Emily once again auto-rejected it. This makes me feel almost certain that the images are the issue for Emily, which means I’ll need to try a different angle from that aisle to try and not get flagged.

I did an appeal again, and this time saved the screenshot of the appeal message I sent to the Niantic team:

And the link is the MLB’s official website going very in-depth on the careers of these players: Retired Numbers | Atlanta Braves

The sad thing is, my appeal was once again rejected, as the Niantic team deemed it “temporary”. At least they didn’t say it was “ordinary” this time:

The thing is though, once the physical numbers are installed on the deck, they are never removed, not even for the offseason. Barring exceptionally rare circumstances, pretty much the only surefire way to call the numbers “temporary” is if the Braves decided to up and leave the stadium entirely, which would effectively render the entire stadium as temporary and thus everything inside it as invalid.

If a different photo disc image isn’t enough to get Emily off my back, I’m not entirely sure how to salvage this, despite the immense history behind these numbers. Any ideas?

No one can fault your effort on this one.

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It’s definitely frustrating though. I can feel it in my bones that this should be an absolute slam-dunk, but I keep getting denied despite bending over backwards to show their significance. I guess that just means on attempt 3 I’ll need a new photo so I don’t get Emily’d and I need to put in big, bold letters “PERMANENT DISPLAY” somewhere in the supporting info.

Is there anything else I can do in the meantime? It may be a while until I can get into Truist Park again, the Allstar Break’s almost here.

How about playing with the photo a little more to crop in on the 44
I had a quick play

It may not work, but it’s new the total focus of the Photo. Worth a try?

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That’s a really bad appeal decision! Can’t Niantic representatives here revisit this one? The numbers are very clearly not temporary and have obvious significance


Huh, suddenly Niantic had a change of heart and accepted my original version of the submission.

I guess I’ll take that!


Aww yay!! That’s so good. Its a great nomination

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Happy to hear this outcome :slight_smile:

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