Would slightly lower-quality images work for large retired jersey numbers in a stadium?

I go pretty frequently to Truist Park to go to Braves games, and someone in my local Wayfarer community pointed out that left field at Truist Park didn’t really have pokestops, which I found especially weird since the Coca-Cola Corner is in the upper deck and the retired numbers of Braves greats are displayed there.

Getting photos for the Coca-Cola Corner was simple enough for me and I’ve already punched in the submission for that, but I’m on the fence about the disc photo candidates I took for the Braves’ retired numbers. You can tell that they’re the retired numbers in these photos, but the resolution is a bit lower than I thought it’d be, and this was the closest I could realistically get to them. The supporting photo seems like it’d work to me to show the numbers’ prominence in the left field seats, but I’m not sure if the photo disc candidates are good enough in terms of resolution or if I’ll need to try and get to Truist earlier so I have an easier path to the numbers for a photo. What do y’all think?


Personally in terms of photo quality I think that is too poor.
I’m also not a baseball fan :crazy_face:
But yeah if going to submit I would to try to get a better picture.

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I unfortunately also don’t think this is going to work. Does the stadium host tours or other types of visits on days with no games? Maybe that would let you approach that installation without being restricted by your ticket?

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Most major sports stadiums in the US do host tours when there aren’t events happening. I took a tour of Target Field in Minneapolis, MN after it opened in 2010, while the Minnesota Twins were on a road trip. Most teams offer tickets online for these tours either on the team’s website, the stadium’s website, or the promotional company selling the tickets.

I do recall from the tour that we were not allowed onto the field, nor did we get anywhere that would give us a good angle to take photos of the retired numbers there, which have grown since the park opened as well. And since security does check your tickets before and during games to make sure you are in the right section, this could also make it harder to get a good photo.

I can also say that the retired numbers at Target Field do not have a Wayspot, and while it may be different with every stadium, they may be eligible, as they aren’t in the field of play. This isn’t the case for all though, as some do have their retired numbers closer to the field of play. Not even the championship flags in the upper left field bleachers have Wayspots, most likely due to them being off-limits to fans.

Still, Target Field has a good number of Wayspots. The gates all have retired player numbers, and each has a Wayspot. Target Plaza, outside of Gate 34, has several statues of former players/coaches/executives, as well as display plaques of the Twins Hall of Fame. The concourses feature several murals and other unique art features, as well as unique restaurants, kid’s play areas, a corn hole lawn, etc.

It’s somewhat of a hard call on this one, but as long as the numbers aren’t in the field of play and the public can access them (the Target Field ones are below one of the open areas of the concourse open to all), I would say they are eligible, but it’s important to get much better photos that are less blurry.

How segregated is it in terms of ticketing?

At Hampden I could wait until everyone is leaving and move to that section once everyone is mostly gone to get a better photo?

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The main issue is that when I went this Friday, after the game there’s the Friday Night Fireworks, and nobody’s allowed back in those seats for safety reasons.

I figured these photos weren’t quite up to par. I really just need to find a way into the bleachers right in front of the numbers so I can get a good shot of Hank Aaron’s number. I guess I just need to get to Tuesday’s game really early.

Yeah, security and stadium staff are still there at the end of games here in the US, trying to get everyone out as soon as they can, mainly for the janitorial team to start their work. Not everyone cleans up after themselves…

This sounds like a wayfarer mashup

But seriously sometimes you have to give up…but not until you have tried all sorts.


Update: Went to the Braves game again tonight, and the guy manning the aisle directly below the retired numbers was super chill about me taking a photo of Hank’s number.

Now I’ve got a real photodisc shot.


Talking to people, being interested in stuff, usually works for me to allow me to get to places for pictures.