Help with rejected wayspots

Stop 1. I really thought the rules would get accepted as there is no sign on our Putt Putt Golf Course. I also did not see a way to appeal. Thought on making this acceptable?

Stop 2. What is the real rule on baseball score boards? This score board is not on the playing field but was still denied.

Stop 3. This one I understand why it was denied, however you see that .7 that is the miles on the walking trail around out campground. It is a mile long and most of the tenth’s have a sign although some are missing now. Is there a better way to take this photo so that it may get accepted or just forget about it? The walking path does not have a name or trail name.

I’ve tried to add a photo of the campground but can’t seem to crop one. Here is the link Google Maps Most of the trail is actually under the trees on the north and east side.

Any suggestions? Even just forget them all is fine LOL

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I’m not from a place with baseball or putt putt golf so others will no doubt chime in more efficiently, but: it would help to see complete nominations (titles, descriptions, supporting info and rejection reasons, redact locations if uncomfortable) to be able to help more efficiently. Nominations are evaluated in their entirety, and we on here may be going on about something in the photo and it’s actually about something in the text.

With respect to these specific nominations, my (general) take would be that 1. can definitely be a decent proxy for the whole course if you make it clear in your nomination that it’s not just the rules being nominated (again I don’t see the text so can’t say if you did that), 2. there are no categorical rules, especially not on baseball fields, but I have a hard time seeing what criteria a scoreboard meets separately from the field (and from what I can tell, there are already multiple field wayspots at this location). On another note, I doubt this photo quality would make it past the ML check, so maybe that’s what it was rejected by. With respect to 3., it’s going to be a major uphill battle :slight_smile: starting with demonstrating that these are actual markers for a pedestrian trail (and maybe taking a photo that clearly shows it is the mile marker being nominated and not the stop sign).

I hope this helps a little :slight_smile: like I said, complete nominations would help for better advice.