Updating map for new estate

Hey, my mate lives in a new estate but it has not been on PoGo for more than 3 years. How does one update the map?

Which map do you mean?

Niantic uses information from Open Street Maps to create the map we see in game. They do not use the latest information however. A note in the Wayfarer Discussion Discord says Visuals: Early-Mid October, 2023.

I can’t understand how to edit Open Street Maps, but lots of people enjoy doing it, and making sure your community is on there will eventually get it reflected in game.

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This sounds like a Pokémon Go issue and not a Wayfarer issue, so it shouldn’t really be here if that’s the case.

Niantic updates the Pokémon Go map very infrequently, using data sourced from Open Street Map. So long as the area is mapped correctly on OSM, the next time Niantic updates the map, it should show the new estate. That may not happen for several months though, if not longer.


Could be a Wayfarer issue if there are no Wayspots in the area, but could also be a PoGo issue. Can you confirm if there are any stops/gyms in the area, or if it’s lacking them?

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There are no real points of interest in the area, only street signs and trees. There are 2 signs at the start of the estate I was going to submit though

Thanks for the info I have now added a note on Open Street Maps for the estate to be added.

Those may not be eligible, as many neighborhood signs aren’t distinct enough. Unless there’s something that makes more distinct, like a water fountain, sculpture, or original art, it may be rejected. You may want to review Wayspot criteria, if you need a refresher.

I don’t live in a neighborhood with lots of Wayspots, nor is there anything that meets criteria. I’m ok with this, as there are plenty of good Wayspots around town, and near places I visit regularly. Niantic wants players to get out and explore with their games, and even though I don’t get out often, I get out enough.