Upgrade not working

The issue: I upgraded a submission, it has stayed in queue even though previous and later submissions have gone through without needing to be upgraded. I has yet to get into voting.
Date: March 23.

Hi! Could you share with me title, coords, IGN, date when you did the submission and day when you applied the upgrade please?

Title: Mural “Con respeto ganas”
Coords: Mural 21.147087, -86.910350 (This are approximates since idk how to check the ones in the submitted poi)
IGN: MermaidShary
Date submitted: March 23
Date upgraded: March 29

Thank you! I’m recopilating some examples like this one, just as other people shared in the Vanilla forum, to try to escalate this. I can’t promise a resolution or answer to this, but your example will help us to study this. Thank you!

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Hi @MegaTrainerRed ,
Same thing here, i decided to upgrade a nomination more than 10 days ago, and it’s still pending. That never happened to me before.

Title : Hommage à Jacques Mautret
Coords : 45.7519915,4.8211869 (approximative)
IGN : SerialKinder
Date submittted : April 3rd
Date upgraded : April 3rd or 4th

Could you take a look please ?
Thanks !

Hi! I will add it to the previous examples. As I said, I can’t promise a resolution to this case but it will help us for the future! Thank you!

For me it was taken into Niantic vote right after our interaction a week ago, it’s still there. I haven’t tried to use a new upgrade but yeah it seems there might be an issue going on.

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