Upgrades still in voting after 1-2 months

Hi guys,

Some of my upgraded submissions are still stuck after more than a month, can I have some information on that if it is possible ?

I am kinda lost because normal community votings take months here in Morocco, and it looks like even upgrade don’t solve the problem

@NianticAaron any clue please ?

Thank you guys

This is because Morocco does not have enough reviewers to form a decision, this is not a bug . This happens a lot in the Northern Africa region

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These are some of the same upgraded nominations as in this post from May

I hope this isn’t the final answer: “too bad for you.” Maybe Niantic can pull these and decide them. Maybe they can send them to an even wider set of reviewers.


It would be nice if some action could be taken. Maybe they could feature in a challenge next?

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It wouldn’t be a good challenge area if there are so few Wayfarers there but I love the way you are thinking!

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It would be nice to help them out, and Im sure there are other places with some kind of issue?

Would be cool to do a challenge where we get some big wins in terms of getting decisions, and it might also help us see what’s being submitted there and help the few people who are wayfarering there with ideas? :yellow_heart: and at least a clean slate so their nominations can come to the top of the queue again…

I am sure there is a lot of scope to add other areas if we “finish” so the challenge continues

This is the reason why these have not been approved yet.


Let me see if I can do that as an exception.


Can someone help me out with this submission in voting since January?

Your situation is very different though, your region has a lot of Reviewers but also a lot of submitters, so it takes a while for reviewers to even see your nomination (even if it’s not bugged). I doubt that the staff will do the same exception for you but let’s see what they decide on.

I’ve had other submissions accepted/rejected in the meantime, it’s just that one which seems stuck forever

Thanks a lot for your help guys ! <3


Thanks for helping out!

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Thanks for doing this!

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Happens everywhere outside 1st world Niantic seems to hate us :cry:

I don’t think that is true that they hate any particular region or its inhabitants. I think it is just hard to make the algorithms work where there aren’t many explorers. I know that in the past Niantic has even added wayspots to areas through other databases just so people can play there. Please continue to report the issues you are having on the forum so that Niantic can be aware. They have to understand that there is a problem before they can address correcting it.


Then why is there no campfire or pokemon home for us? Why haven’t they done something about the lack of reviews on wayfarer?

I was in a town the other day where the only stops where inside expensive hotels dispute the town having dozens of mousqs?

Compare game play here v Europe and it’s very clear they at best don’t care…

I assume people have submitted the mosques and they’re still just stuck waiting for reviewers? :cry: that really sucks for you.I hope there are improvements soon

Thats because thats what people submit. Waypoints inside hotels are completely eligible. You can help by submitting the mosques.

Thats just not a fair comparison. Wayfarer up until very recently was almost completely user driven. So it’s not that Niantic doesnt care… its that theres not enough users to self sustain. Now with ML, it should really help out getting some waypoints through faster.


There’s hundreds of submissions dead in the que because lack of game play to advance enough to review

How would you feel if the only options where in the hotels you can access that have just stolen the beach front?

Something needs to be done because it’s been this way for years with not a thing done to improve

If you can’t access it as a person of the general public it should not be in the game