Waterfall: Acceptable Nomination?

So there is a possible POI candidate that I am aware of, but have been hesitating about submitting over fear that it will be rejected (I’ve been only submitting things that I feel are “slam dunks”)

Basically, it is a waterfall that is approximately 15-20ft tall. The only signage present is one indicating that the land is part of a land trust (and open to the public) and is meant to indicate boundaries of the land that is open to the public; the sign doesn’t mention anything about the waterfall, although the official website of the land trust does.

The waterfall also appears on websites that list waterfalls in each state, and to me, it is absolutely somewhere that I’d bring someone out of town to check out. It’s also explicitly labeled on the OSM map. I planned on including this in the supporting information section.

With that being said, would this sign be enough? Would a waterfall be flat-out rejected for being a “natural feature” (which personally, I’ve always interpreted as meaning a generic rock, stream, pile of dirt, etc. rather than something of genuine geological interest, like a waterfall)