What do you reject natural features under?

I seem to recall natural features (eg trees, etc) aren’t permissible wayspots. I’ve come across a nomination for a mountain peak, which I presume is invalid - but I can’t see what to reject it under! Can anyone advise me please?

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um there was a clarification that they ARE eligible, i believe in the november 2020 ama, but it is very hard to get one accepted.

normally they will not be “distinct”


Thank you for that - interesting considering I only started on Wayfarer in the last 12 months, and I read the Niantic guidelines which said they were invalid - they really should update those criteria when they make these clarifications!

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well they haven’t carried that ama over to the new forum. it used to be available on the help menu in wayfarer, but they removed all ama links. it is kind of referenced in the new Criteria Clarification Collection in at least this one:

hopefully they will continue to add clarifications if they want us to continue reviewing.


They are eligible if it’s a good location, has a good description and so forth. If it’s a mountain top the main thing to consider for me would be if it’s safe.
Is the location safe and publicly accessible by pedestrians? Yes or no?

This person does show the old clarification on natural features in this post Criteria Clarification Collection - Discussion - #73 by thenamelesskath
I think the idea that we only need to know the three criteria of a great place to explore, exercise, and be social did not work. I think we all want and need clarifications.


Natural features can be eligible, but especially with the ML, which doesn’t like nature, something that can placemark the feature is typically preferred, such as a sign, a scenic lookout, etc. Some people have had signs for restaurants, churches, even parks rejected by ML just for having too much foliage surrounding the sign.

I like to give the example of a lake. The lake itself doesn’t meet criteria, as for some, it may not be a safe place to be in, especially if you don’t know how to swim or don’t have a life jacket, etc. However, a fishing pier or beach at said lake would be eligible; the pier is a safe place to fish, which can be a social activity, and the beach is on the edge of the water, and a great place to be social and maybe exercise.

There may also be historical natural features that are eligible. Not far from where I live are the former beaches of an ancient glacial lake. They typically are small dips in the land to indicate the ancient beach, and possibly a mound as well, and these would be great places to explore for the historical context.

There are more categories that need to be added to the clarification sub-forum, that’s for sure. However, they covered the things that get asked about quite often, and any other subjects that may need to be added the ambos will take note of.