Wayfarer and scans

What would convince you to do scans of your Wayspots too?

Upgrades, money, cake?

After seeing this, specifically the datamined bit, I was interested in how Wayfarer and scanning intersect.


I believe Ingress players have been more receptive to it than Go players but I may be incorrect.


There’s a badge in ingress which is a big motivator for some. The rewards in Pogo never seemed good enough to bother.
My new phone doesn’t have the ability to do the scans so thats what’s limiting me now. Hopefully something that they are working on fixing.

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They are going to get you :wink:

Connect to Pokéstop Areas! Your Pokémon will stay and play!

Connect to the Pokéstop Area by scanning the location first to view and interact with the Pokémon there. Unless removed, your Pokémon will stay here for up to 48hrs until they get tired and return to you. While they’re away, they may greet other trainers and Pokémon!

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I’m all for more interaction and things to do, so many things that they add seem fun for a short while but the novelty quickly wears off and it’s clear that there is no real depth or longevity to any of it. I’d love for things to be better intertwined rather than tacked on and disjoined like it feels currently.

For example routes and parties don’t play well together so you cant play with friends while doing a route, showcases could be so much more with extra variety, they were at least supposed to be rotated to different stops regularly but that hasnt happened so some places have zero and others have loads.

I do like to show off my rare catches so it would be fun to have them stay in the world and greet other trainers for a while. :grin:


The actual process of doing scans isn’t enjoyable in the same way that finding something, finding it’s story/history, seeing others interact with that is for me.

I guess it depends how well/badly they implement those possible features.

I was interested in why Ingress players do it, what Go players would want for doing it and how does that change if you are a Wayfarer geek who probably views the map a bit differently from most players of any game.


In Ingress, besides the two badges around scanning, there is a bonus event you can set off with scans where a battle beacon is deployed. I was doing them for the badges, but stopped. I could never figure out the battle beacons and I hate scanning. It is tedious and boring and embarrassing.

There is another game action called overclock which is supposed to be activated by enough good scans, but apparently Ingress scans don’t work to activate it. I can’t get overclock right. It involves looking at symbols on a 3D cube and entering them on a 2D hexagon.

The rare times I did pogo scans in the beginning, my game would lock up after. I don’t need poffins anyway. So I stopped bothering with those early on. I don’t even see the AR scan task I keep in my field research to get the real research from pokestops anymore.

Idk what it would take to convince me to do scans. There is already way too much to do every day. I don’t need anything else to do: Reddit - Dive into anything


I only do spin, GBL sets, route, daily research, send gifts.

Would you want to scan the Wayspots you personally added though to compliment your submission?


If there’s a poffin reward, I always scan. If it’s any other reward, I delete it. Occasionally I’ve helped power up a pokestop near friends house or something so they can get better rewards (new ish player so was more useful to them).

So for me, keep the poffins coming and I’ll keep scanning!


Absolutely nothing will motivate me to do scans. I already do Wayfarer related work as an unpaid part time job. Wayfarer at least brings a tangible benefit to me by adding interaction points to my game(s). I do not like that Niantic continues the business model of relying on unpaid workers to add to their product while giving basically no compensation for that. A badge certainly isn’t enough compensation. Also, it’s just a weird activity, IMO.


Unless you’re paying me actual money (and it would need to be a decent amount), I’m not standing around in public recording random objects. I already feel awkward enough when taking photos for wayspots sometimes, never mind recording a video :joy:


I’m not sure how to multi quote…

A lot of Wayfarer people won’t do it but Ingress and Go players will given the correct motivation/rewards?

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Going back to your datamined post, I am not sure what they mean by “scanning” here. I was answering about doing the full AR scans as for Pogo scan tasks. The “scan” required to activate that Overclock Ingress thing (on any portal that is overclock enabled - there aren’t that many) is just to point your camera at the poi for a few seconds until it recognizes the portal. If that is what your datamine is calling a scan, I will do that.

I honestly don’t know :slight_smile:

I consider myself a PGO player. For me, the in-game rewards arent enough compensation.

It may be different now, but when the concept was introduced, the reward was poffins.

Screenshot_20240420_130102_Pokmon GO

I’ve never done a scan for a poffin, so why would i need more than i have collected through my regular game play? Yes, it was considered good motivation for some, but not everyone. In fact, i find the whole buddy part of PGO rather silly. I don’t need virtual pets.

The two badges in Ingress are a nice motivator to me.

As well as the chance to get extra items if it is activated for Overclock, and having a Fracker on my couch Portal for doing 13 scans is a good bonus.

For Pokémon GO, it’s never felt overly worth it. Extra items from doing a bunch of scans, and that’s about it, which is limited for a time unlike Overclock which remains.

It would be nice to see a boost in Kecleon appearing at powered up stops in Pokémon GO, or with the new biome backgrounds a boost in certain types of Pokémon appearing at that location.

I don’t think there’s as much motivation in Pokémon GO to do so, along with the “scans get stops removed” crowd still spreading that false info.


Plz try to keep this Wayfarer related y’all :slightly_smiling_face:


Wayfarer has a scanning app?

They never even allowed me into the map app that they’re discontinuing.

I am so out of the loop…

I believe you can do scans on that app. I don’t know for sure though.

quote=“eneeoh, post:17, topic:4764, full:true”]
Wayfarer has a scanning app?

They never even allowed me into the map app that they’re discontinuing.

I am so out of the loop…

It does but like @hankwolfman I have never used it.

Ah, I see what you are asking, I didn’t realise you were connecting the scans to the submission process.

I used to (and still rarely do) submit photospheres when I felt they would be useful to help confirm location so this would be similar in function. I could see it really helping if implemented properly, essentially an extension of the supporting image idea showing the POI in context with it’s surroundings.

Am I interpreting this correctly?