Wayfarer rating and stats

Is it wise to stop reviewing when there is a huge discrepancy between the score for total nominations reviewed and agreements? I have been pretty prolific at reviewing lately so my score is 611 but agreements only total 139. That number is slowly going up which is encouraging and my rating is on good still.
Not sure if I just rubbish at this or if I’ve got ahead myself by binging reviewing. Also have done a lot of edits, I wonder if they count in agreements?
I don’t want my rating to go down.

A lot of your reviews might not have been resolved yet. If you left it for a week you would most likely see your agreement number increase… Hopefully :slight_smile:


Thank you

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We know they just adjusted something from the whole drop in ratings issue. I don’t know what they adjusted but we shouldn’t be seeing those huge drops in rating that were being reported:

As to whether edits count, the wayfarer site says they do not:

But I do wonder if this is where they made the adjustment.

The more reviews you have under your belt, the less you will have to worry about the discrepancy between the reviews done and the agreements earned. I would encourage you to keep reviewing while taking your time, reading the tooltips, etc., really considering each nomination, and not attempting to earn an upgrade in a single session. If you are in good, I am pretty sure that you are doing something right.

Your rating has nothing to do with the total number of reviews done and agreements received. There is other math involved, and Niantic is rating you based on how well you are rating against other users.

%Take a look at my current rating; it’s Great. My agreements is under 57% though, so this proves there’s more than just agreements being looked at. I assume edit reviews are also looked at for ratings, and I’ve done almost 2800.

I wouldn’t recommend going too fast while reviewing, as I do believe Niantic notices that. I was at good when I started, and I did slow down and take my time when reviewing, and I eventually got up to great. It’s also good to review criteria from time to time, to make sure you are following it correctly.

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Thank you everyone. I am very careful and skip if in doubt. I have really enjoyed reviewing and it would be a shame if I had to take a break to wait for agreements to increase but perhaps i should do less than I have been doing each day. I’m not bothered about upgrades at this stage as i have no nominations in the queue.

Thanks for the advice and support, much appreciated

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Aaron posted that it does

You are correct that there is more math to it since they look at disagreements, but we can’t see those.

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Yeah, I realized after this I should have said total reviews and agreements aren’t solely used to calculate ratings.

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Comparing Total Nominations Reviewed to Nominations Accepted + Rejected + Duplicated
still doesn’t work.

If you’re new, a large percent reviewed could still be unresolved.

If you’ve been reviewing for a while, I don’t think it gives carte blanch to do whatever you want.

For example, I’ve been reviewing since 2017 and have 38,743 agreements. I very much doubt I could do 10,000 disagreements in a row without it affecting my rating - even tho my percent would still be pretty good.

Also, Niantic pre-reviews some nominations, then sends them out to us manual reviewers. If you disagree with that one, it will affect your rating. (Without telling you why, of course.) No matter what your Total Reviews to Agreement rate is.

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Thank you, that’s helpful. I probably count as new, I starting reviewing a year ago but wasnt confident that I had access to the right advice, it seemed very confusing at the time. My brain prefers things to black and white and this seemed more nuanced. I have since found the Wayfarer podcast which has been really helpful and also other links, and this forum.
I have enjoyed reviewing and now do several a day so Im hoping theres a backlog, hence low agreement stats. I will take a break and see what happens.
Thank you.

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