Why has my Wayfarer rating dropped so drastically?

I’ve recently become a wayfarer and LOVE reviewing all the nominations. It’s a lot of fun for me, and I love being detailed as I fill them out, and reading all the criteria for each category carefully. I feel like I’ve done a great job, but my profile rating unfortunately says otherwise.

I’ve reviewed 289 nominations and only have 64 agreements. More may trickle in over the next few days.

My rating was a good, and is now at poor. Is it possible that other reviewers just “pencil whip” the review to blast through as many as they can without paying attention to the details? Is there a trick or tips to getting a better rating?

As I mentioned, I’ve meticulously studied and follow all the criteria for each category, and even go as far as researching an area via Google to confirm locations, etc. It’s become a real passion of mine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


you are not alone. I have same issue.


It sounds like you’re doing everything needed, and being quite thorough when reviewing, which is great, as well as using your best judgment. Yes, there are reviewers that aren’t as thorough, but I bet their ratings may suffer as well, especially if they approve a nomination that doesn’t meet criteria that you rejected.

We recently had a global challenge, where we reviewed nominations and edits from different parts of the world, and some noticed a large drop in their ratings. No one has gotten an answer as to why this happened, and for those that it did happen to, it’s taking some time to get their ratings back up. Some do wonder if there is some lag in ratings being updated since the challenge, as there were some site issues during that time.

While I didn’t have this issue during the challenge, I have had a couple of days where my rating has dropped from Great to Good. When this happens, I slow down a bit, as when I go faster and review more, I sometimes do miss things. Typically, once slowing down a bit, I get my rating back up to Great within 12-24 hours.

Lastly, edits are not supposed to count towards ratings, but many have been wondering if they now do. This is due to edits now being in Contribution Management, and being a part of global challenges for the first time. Just like the ratings drops during the challenge, we haven’t received any word if edits now count towards ratings.

If you’re interested to know about the ratings issue from the last challenge, here is the thread:


I also did reviews during the last challenge. I might will not do reviews during challenge again.


You havent yet done a lot of reviews, so any that haven’t reached a decision yet will have more impact on your rating. Hopefully your rating will recover as more people vote on the same submissions and give you agreements. It should (mostly, recent challenge wierdness aside) stabilise as you do more reviews.

I would watch your upgrade and agreement counters for a few days. If it keeps going up then you should be okay. Sadly agreements while at “poor” dont count for some in game achievements. I think you have to get back to “good” for that.


I have tried reviewing while closely following the Wayfarer criteria. If I do this my rating usually goes down. To get a good rating you need to vote the same way as most of the other reviewers. But most of the people reviewing don’t actually know the criteria that well. I think most people vote for things that resemble things that are already in the game. So rather than finding the correct answer you should try to guess what everybody else is going to vote. Paradoxically my rating always improves if I rush through it as fast as I can doing what I actually think are sloppy reviews :sweat_smile:


thanks for this, I also have the same issue. but makes sense to me that I will adjust as soon as your accurate ratings pay off.

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Fantastic information. Thank you so much!

That’s too funny. And is exactly what I was thinking might be happening! :sweat_smile: I’m new and will keep up with what I’m doing for now. Thanks for the advice.

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I feel the same. I have a feeling I have to vote like everyone else would, regardless the criteria…

And I think, to get more reviews and more rewards during the challenge, most people don’t take closer look to nominations and they just vote something… so it ruins the scores… maybe Niantic should consider removing/modifying individual rewards. I think it’s impossible to reach some of the individual review scores and be good and objective…


I am newish too. I have been reviewing for around few weeks?

I’m experiencing the same problem. I’ve done a lot of screening, but I’ve never experienced a sudden drop in grades like this. I can’t judge because I’m scared.


I think it’s more difficult getting a good rating doing a challenge. It seems as if each region has its own criteria. For instance, in Japan I see that a lot of local restaurants and neighborhood notice boards are approved. Here in Norway it would really be a long shot getting things like that through. I guess the safest thing to do if you are working to get your rating up is simply to skip if you’re uncertain of the outcome :thinking:

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Lower reviews can be frustrating, especially when many accounts in the co-censored area are randomly assigned or unusually strict about certain subject matter, such as restaurants. At the end of the day, people are reluctant to vet new possible locations, and are only willing to apply and review existing supply stations, which makes the game very boring and unenthusiastic.

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I skipped a lot of Japanese submissions. I rejected few of them. one of them is vet hospital.

Same here, i’ve completely stopped reviewing…

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The same thing has happened to me this week! I try to be so thorough with my reviews and I re-look at the criteria often and browse these forums to try and stay fresh and up to date on the eligibility requirements. I’ve been reviewing for a couple months now and have over 2100 reviews, and my rating has always been Great until this week it all off a sudden dropped to Fair, and I have no idea why. I didn’t think I was doing anything different lately than I normally do, other than seeing more edits pop up in my feed. The same thing happened to another guy in my area too, and he’s not sure why either and he’s really thorough. I wonder if something has changed recently since it looks like, from your post and the comments from others, this is happening to quite a few people.


I am done for now. my rating went back to poor. I am stopping reviewing.
I think it is a bug in the system here. read other topic.

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I have the same issue
Since the latest challenge, my rating has dropped from great to poor. Since 2019, I have had a great rating, I have 25k+ reviewed nominations. The percentage of coincidence was 65%, now is 62% and the rating is still a poor.
I guess this is some kind of a bug in wayfarer rating system


After the last challenge, my rating dropped to unprecedented lows (sometimes it even disappeared). I thought that a different country meant different rules. But after some time, I still couldn’t raise my rating in my region. Reviewers from our region all have complaints about this problem