Wayfarer rating stuck at Fair (down from Great)

I am not sure what the issue is but my rating has been stuck At Fair for most of this month. I have been trying to get it back to Great or higher. I conduct a few reviews a day by ensuring the best review possible. I am not sure what the general community is rating POI’s as acceptable or reject. It seems that many POI’s that have been recently appoved shouldn’t have been approved so reviewing has been a nightmare.

Additionally this effecting my Wayfarer count in game, which is currently stuck at 599.

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated Thank you!


Wayfarer rating is based on the number of agreements and disagreements. Here are a few tips to help you review more effectively and maintain your performance rating:

  • Follow the criteria while reviewing nominations, we recommend keeping the eligible and ineligible criteria pages open in a different browser tab for easy access.
  • Take your time and review each segment on its own merit. Read this article for tips on how to review each section: Niantic Wayfarer - Niantic Wayfarer
  • Avoid using third party tools/plugins or depending on others to decide on how you vote on a nomination.


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Sometimes you’ll get marked down for giving the same type of review a lot, for example a lot of thumbs up and thumbs down. Adding to “don’t knows” into the mix may help where you are unsure.

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If someone suggests a POI and it seems suspicious or fake, apart from checking Maps and StreetView, I always search the title in Google and click through links, trying to validate the accuracy of the submission through other websites.
Does that violate the rules in any way? :sweat_smile: Sry if that sounds dumb to ask

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No, it doesn’t.

Thanks :kissing_heart:

My rating is poor now from Great. I must assume it’s because a few hunderts reviews in a few days.
the best way is to wait until the portals get approved and others catch up?
or to take that wayfinder test to reset my rating?

I feel you. I’m still stuck at fair. I’ve been doing a few reviews a day. I am still stuck at 599/1500. Which feels like I haven’t had any new agreements this month. Super frustrating.

I don’t know retesting was a thing?

It used to be that if your rating dropped way down, you would be asked if you would like to take a one time test to reset it. idk if this is still a thing that happens since the submitter test is gone. @seaprincesshnb can you verify?

I feel that some try to review faster to try and get upgrades as fast as they can. It’s still best to not rush reviews, and to make sure everything is accurate and meets criteria. I personally take breaks from time to time, but also use other research options outside of Wayfarer is needed, such as image searching or fully opening up Google Maps to see when Street View was last updated.

I started off with a Good rating when I started to review, and I was doing more reviews back then. When I slowed down, took time to review, and did take breaks from time to time, I got my rating up to Great.

Now, I don’t submit that many new Wayspots (I submit more edits), so I have a good deal of upgrades just sitting in my account.

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I think your approach sounds good.
Do keep track of your numbers. And only doing a few is also good. Try to be selective. It does depend on one’s you have reviewed reaching a resolution. Those that are upgraded or from rural areas that are getting priority are most likely to resolve quickly. So by choosing to vote on those and very obvious accepts or rejects you are increasing the chances of getting a resolution quickly. Keep a close eye on the upgrade clock as long as that i increasing things are going in the right direction, if it’s not moving. Take a day or two off until some agreements come through.
You will get there.

I have been keep track of the numbers. The upgrade percentage is always going up. I appear to be trending in the right direction. The only thing that isn’t moving per se is my Wayfarer rating and my in game agreements. Both have not moved this month. Fair and 599 respectively. Last month I was at Good and getting consistent agreements, then this month it stopped.

If I’m not mistaken your rating needs to be at least Good for agreements to count towards the Recon badge in Ingress.

The upgrade percentage goes up for each agreement you get (complete nomination and edits) regardless of your current rating.


I understand that, but what is preventing my rating from going up?

If the upgrades are going up then you will be having a flow of agreements so that is good.
So it is probably just a question of keeping this up over a period of time for the rating to improve.
Roughly how many are you reviewing and how many agreements.

My rating has been at Great since I started reviewing. Yesterday when I started again, it dropped to Good and then to Fair in the matter of a view reviews. Did something in the review system change suddenly? I am not doing anything different so not sure where there is such a sudden drop in my rating.

Welcome @FearfulPaw
How big a break did you have?
It could be that you are busy reviewing and not much is resolving.
Leave it for a day or so and see if it naturally improves


I have tried this took a break for a month. And I still fair from good.

There are so many questionable nominations in the voting pool right now. I would recommend that anyone trying to get their rating up to Good to count for the medal only review nominations you are sure about. You can use your skips but there aren’t many of those (I thought it was three per 24 hours but was recently told it was four) or you can just let a nomination you don’t feel confident to review time out. I just return to the Showcase tab and go do something else for a while.