Wayfarer Tutorial?

Hey im having the same issue

Could you please explain the issue you are experiencing?

Hi i got the Same Issue please help me :frowning:

I see that your onboarding is complete and you have started reviewing.

I can’t see the tutorial i already did everything they told me to do but I can’t still add pokestops it says I have to finish the turorial

Hi @willman1234
Welcome to the forum :hugs:
Try to clear your cache and lock in again.
Maybe that helps.
Have you checked if could do reviews?

I try everything and yess I can review other PokéStop but I can not add pokestops

You read the graphics :heavy_check_mark:
Are able to review :heavy_check_mark:
Clear the cache :heavy_check_mark:
Restart pogo :heavy_check_mark:

Ok, than I’m sorry. I hope @NianticAaron could help you out.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Thank you for tying

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could you please provide a screen recording of the issue?

I am having the same issue?