Where is the tutorial?

Every time i want to create a new pokestop it asks me to complete the wayfare tutorial, but after i logged I don’t see the tutorial. How I resolve this?
Thanks in advance for the help

Hi, welcome! When you reach the requisite level Pokémon GO will redirect you to the Wayfarer website which will ask you to complete a short onboarding. There is really not much to do so it is very possible you have already completed it without realizing it. Have you tried restarting Pokémon GO to see if you now have access to the nomination button? Usually that fixes it. You can also try seeing if you have access by going on https://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/ and checking if you have access to reviewing.

As a side note, before you embark on your Wayfarer adventures: I know the Pokémon GO interface tells you you are nominating Pokéstops, however, what you will be interacting with is the Wayfarer system. This is a database of wayspots, some but not all of which are eligible to become pokéstops or portals or features in other games, due to Niantic games having different spacing rules. It is possible that not everything you nominate will be eligible to become a pokéstop. This is just to avoid any disappointment down the line when nominating without knowing it is not a 1:1 database.

Good luck! Let us know if you are still stuck after restarting.

Thank you, restarting only pokemon go didn’t work, but after restarting my phone everything works fine. Thanks again for the support

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