Wayfarer Twitter Challenge

Hello Explorers,

We’re excited to announce our first ever #NianticWayfarer Twitter Challenge. This challenge will be a great way to highlight some of our Explorers, global communities, and amazing accepted Wayspots. The challenge will be split into 3 parts with the first 2 running for 1 week each and the last challenge running for 2 weeks; 4 weeks in total. This means that this challenge will run from September 18th - October 15th. Winners for all parts of the challenge will be announced on October 21th, 2022 on our NianticWayfarer Twitter & Wayfarer Community Forum.

Now let’s break it down!

  • Part 1 - Accepted Nomination Challenge (Sept. 18th - Sept. 24th)
    • For this challenge, we want to see your best accepted nomination that highlights one of our chosen Wayfarer Eligibility Criteria: Exploration, Exercise, & Social. This challenge will have 9 winners! There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each Wayfarer Eligibility Criteria. To enter, log into your Wayfarer account, go to your Contributions tab, and find the nomination you’re most excited about submitting. Then you’ll want to take a screenshot of it showing the Title, Main Photo, and Description. While challenging on some mobile devices, we recommend you do it on your computer for best results. Once you’ve taken the screenshot, it’s time to Tweet! Reply to the Accepted Nomination Challenge post (coming Sept 18th) with your screenshot, add a hashtag indicating which Wayfarer Eligibility Criteria you’re submitting it for (#Exploration, #Exercise, #Social), and #WayfarerChallengePart1 by Sept. 24th 11:59pm PDT to be considered for the challenge. We will then compile the submissions and our team will vote for their favorite nomination which best demonstrates each of the three categories! The top three in each category will win the prizes stated [below].
  • Part 2 - Community Wayspot Challenge (Sept. 25th - Oct. 1st)
    • For this challenge, we want to see your favorite Wayspot that you’ve seen while playing our games (Pokémon GO, Ingress, PikminBloom). To enter this challenge, you’ll need to go out into your community, play any one of our Niantic games and take a screenshot of your favorite Wayspot while in the game. The screenshot should be of the Wayspot details screen showing the name & description. PikminBloom is the exception where it’ll just be on the first page after clicking on the Wayspot. The winners for this challenge will be randomly selected and there will be 9 winners based on the game the submission is from. There will be 3 winners for Pokémon GO submission, 3 for Ingress, and 3 for PikminBloom. Each game will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. Similar to the previous challenge, once you have the screenshot you wish to submit, Tweet it to us by responding to the Community Wayspot Challenge post (coming Sept. 25th) with your screenshot and the hashtag #WayfarerChallengePart2 by Oct. 1, 2022 11:59pm PDT in order to be considered for this challenge. We will take all submissions and randomly select the winners!
  • Part 3 - Explorer Group Photo Challenge (Oct. 2nd - Oct. 15th)
    • For our final part of the challenge, we’re looking for group photos of you with your Explorer community (IRL or Virtual). 4 Explorers minimum & 20 Explorers max per group photo/screenshot. To enter this challenge, you’ll need to get together with your community and take a group photo while embodying part of or all of the Niantic mission (Exploration, Exercise, and Social). Once you have your group photo ready, reply to our Explorer Group challenge post (coming Oct. 2nd) by Oct. 15th 11:59pm PDT with your photo and hashtag it with #WayfarerChallengePart3 to be considered for this challenge. There will be two sets of winners, one for the IRL group photo and one for Virtual group photo. Challenge submissions of mixed IRL/Virtual group photos are not allowed, meaning if you are doing an IRL group photo, you can’t hold a screen of someone(s) joining virtually. Also no photoshopping or collages. Our team will judge the photos based on their creativity and the top three photos in each category will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Each person in the photo will be eligible for the relevant reward stated below. Since this one is done as a group, only 1 person from the group will need to submit the photo (tagging others in the photo on Twitter is highly encouraged), winners will be contacted after the final announcement to gather information to distribute rewards. Please ensure you have permission from those in the photo to enter this challenge. We can’t wait to see who gets the most creative!


  • 1st Place Winners - 1 Upgrade + 1 Appeals Fast Track
  • 2nd Place Winners - 1 Appeals Fast Track
  • 3rd Place Winners - 1 Upgrade

Please keep in mind that neither the Upgrade nor the Appeals Fast Track will guarantee a specific result. While Upgrades will operate as they always have (applied to the nomination desired by the Explorer once granted), the Appeals Fast Track will be done internally by our team to an Appeal that has not yet been decided on. Appeals to an Appeal decision cannot be done.

Reward Distribution:

Rewards will be distributed after the winners have been announced. We will reach out to the winners on Twitter to collect distribution information. For the Group Photo challenge, the winning group submitter will be contacted to provide the information of all group members. The number of members present in the photo will need to match the number of Wayfarer eligible condenames given.


  • Overall Timeline: 09/18/2022 - 10/21/2022 PDT
  • Accepted Nomination challenge: 09/18/2022 - 09/24/2022 PDT
  • Community Wayspot challenge: 09/25/2022 - 10/1/2022 PDT
  • Explorer Group Photo Challenge: 10/2/2022 - 10/15/2022 PDT

Additional information. One entry per person per challenge part. This means that although there are several categories per part of the challenge, you’ll only be able to submit 1 entry per challenge part. You will however be able to enter all 3 parts of the challenge. As an example, you may submit 1 screenshot for Part 1, 1 screenshot for Part 2, and one photo for Part 3. You cannot enter more than 1 screenshot/photo per part. Entrants must be Wayfarer Explorers to enter each challenge. Don’t forget to add the hashtags associated with each part of the challenge and feel free to add the following tags as well #NianticWayfarer & #WayfarerTwitterChallenge. All Niantic, Wayfarer, and Twitter Terms of Service apply. Please enter responsibly.

Check out the discussion here!

Safe Exploring!
(originally posted September 2022)

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Hello Explorers,

The results are in! We had a ton of fun seeing all of the submissions for accepted Wayspots, community wayspots, and enjoyed even more, your Explorer group pics! Thank you all who participated! Now, here are our #WayfarerTwitterChallenge winners for part 1, 2, & 3.

#WayfarerTwitterChallengePart1 Winners

#WayfarerTwitterChallengePart2 Winners

#WayfarerTwitterChallengePart3 Winners

(originally posted October 2022)

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