Wayspot accepted but hasn’t shown up

Hello, I’ve tried twice now and both times this stop was approved but still hasn’t shown up. Can you please investigate? Area is (39.9305864, -75.3878617) @nianticaaron could you help?

I see the Wayspot at this location has been retired.

I’m not sure what that means but it was renovated and reopened. This has never gone live in the game since being accepted.

Hi! How is the approval determined on which game will be used? I have a few nominations get approved and they show up as being used by other Niantic games but not Pokemon Go which is what I am trying to nominate for.

You nominate a wayspot for the database. All wayspots that are accepted get added to this database. From there, each game has a proximity rule that determines whether new wayspots will be able to be added to that game or not. If a wayspot doesn’t show in a particular game, it’s usually because it fails the check against the proximity rule. This article will help explain a bit about how Pokémon Go’s proximity rule works.

Hi there, my waystop nomination was approved bht its been over a week since and no stop has been generated

Maybe, like with OP, it was already retired.

More likely, it’s in the same level 17 s2 cell as something else.

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