Wayspot Appeal - Love Always

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

This memorial table is no longer at the park. I attempted to update it, but that was rejected. I was not aware updating a wayspot to reflect the current ones was considered abuse until Niantic commented on a thread. I had put in a rejection report. This memorial table is no longer there and in its place is another table. I now know I cannot upgrade the current wayspot, so removal is next.

See timeline:
March 5th - edit suggestions for title/description and photo sent
March 7th - edits and media not accepted
March 25th - Appeal posted on the old forum for title/description
No change by Niantic team per note responded on that day, appeal denied
ticket # 29957836 - to update photo at wayspot - denied

March 28th - Location edit done as table was just “slightly” off from the actual location. At the time GPS coordinates were: 48.459512, -123.293864
Suggested move to: 48.459491, -123.293807
March 28th - Also submitted report for permanently removed as perhaps that is next step.
April 18th location edit not accepted
Submitted ticket # 30076090 to help chat to appeal the location. Help Chat did move the wayspot, but not to the appealed location.
Original GPS: 48.459512, -123.293864
Suggested Move: 48.459491, -123.293807
Niantic moved to: 48.459683,-123.293762

That area Niantic moved it to is a designated picnic area and in the original park was not a picnic area. You can see picnic tables in the back of the “Upgraded Park” photo.
Regardless this plaque is no longer there as there is another occupying the table.

I think a geotaged photo from where the POI were would help

My photos are geotagged

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Thanks for the appeal @TheOneXanthippe Based on our research, the Wayspot is at the correct location and does not require any adjustments at this time.

This is not the solution. Your team moved it incorrectly. I don’t understand this. This plaque is not there anymore. I cannot edit it because you call it abuse yet you won’t remove it @NianticAtlas

This was the original location which was just a few meters from this one table. Your help chat moved it to an incorrect location. You just picked a random spot and said sure put it here.

Did you send someone to actually look at that location?! Those are different tables and are no where near the original location. This table is though and intially you said I cannot update it, but then I try and remove it and you say no. What is the point of updating if you deny edits or removing if you deny it. This plaque is not there. Why keep something that no longer exists.
The original park had no tables there. Can’t you see when this wayspot was originally submitted?
I cannot even use the form to remove because I would need to drive the 30 minutes to take pictures of the new area. Your team has made a mess of this situation and should fix this.

This is why few people bother

Niantic clearly doesnt care

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Screenshot 2024-05-10 214811
Here is information on the upgrades. They added this picnic area in the top right corner that Niantic just “picked” for this wayspot to sit now.

Finally! Don’t give up! If it wasn’t edited it needed to go.


Thank you for contacting us.

We have removed the “Love Always” Portal in question as it did not meet our policy criteria and you should see these changes reflected soon.