Wayspot downgraded from a Gym to Stop in Pogo despite still meeting all Gym criteria

Hello, I have a mystery I am trying to solve. The wayspot in question is this one:

This wayspot has been a Pogo Gym for years, until about a week ago, when according to my IITC Mobile app someone moved it in Ingress. However, it was only slightly shifted within its same S17 cell; this S14 cell still meets all the existing stop number criteria to support 2 gyms (it currently contains 9 total wayspots); but for some reason, the wayspot was downgraded from Gym to Pokestop in Pogo.

The only thing I can think of that might have had an effect on it, is that this S14 cell currently contains a temporary McDonald’s sponsored Gym; however, because of that sponsored gym, this S14 cell went from it’s long-existing 2 gyms to temporarily having 3 gyms, and existed like that for at least 6 or so months, so I was under the impression that temporary sponsor gyms did not play by the usual rules. Is the existence of that temporary gym messing with things?

Yup. Sponsored gyms steal natural gym spots now. This is a PGO problem. I strongly disagree with this behavior, but the Wayfarer team can’t control or fix it.


Got it. So when the sponsorship ends, that cell will likely recalculate a new gym based on the next-best available spot, rather than to necessarily return the old gym, right?


Oh gosh, thats an awful way to do it. This seriously discourages people updating POI for accuracy, especially if it’s likely to lose them a gym. Definitely a failing from the Pogo team but also affects Wayfarer.

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