Wayspot removal not accepted

I have reported the following wayspot as permanently removed, but the report was rejected.

Thanks for the appeal, @Gammelfleisch We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

No longer existing and replaced by another mural does not seem to be a Niantic criterion. I would still be interested to know why obviously no longer existing wayspots are not removed to create the opportunity to submit the newly created wayspots. The mural is no longer even visible on the Google Streetview images from October 2022. They have the exact coordinates of the wayspot, so the Google Streetview image can be accurately positioned and this then shows that it matches the GPS Map Camera image taken.

If this still doesn’t meet the criteria, I would like to know what criteria Niantic expects, because I don’t want to invest time and effort that is pointless from the beginning.

Just in case that you have not had the original wayspot image available, here it is and honestly I don’t see any match. The Eiffeltower motive suggests that it was created by the travel agency located at the coordinates but I suggest that you either offer the ability to actually ‘change’ wayspots or that you retire wayspots that no longer exist to make place for new wayspots.