Wayspot Submission for Carpinus betulus fastigiata

Appeal rejected because they say they can’t find it when you can just go on google map and find it without difficulty

To be fair, that is extremely difficult to see. Your main image makes it look like a decent sized sign, whilst it’s actually an extremely small sign on the top of a small post. It took me a couple of minutes to actually find it on both your supporting image and on street view because I was looking for something larger than the actual object.

For future reference, you can edit supporting images to highlight things if you suspect people may struggle to find them on street view or in your supporting photo.

I do agree that this rejection reason by Niantic is incorrect, as it is definitely possible to confirm the location, I’m just saying that I can understand how they missed it.


probably but it’s definitively here

So what happend now ?

The decision on the appeal is final. You can try submitting this nomination again if you still believe it is a good Wayspot that meets criteria.

I would recommend posting your original rejection in Nomination Support for suggestions from the community on how to improve it.