Wayspot Unternehmeninformationsschild was not accepted, why?

Titel: Unternehmeninformationsschild
Description: Das einzigartige Schild in Oppersdorf mit Kontaktdaten der lokalen Unternehmen.
Supplemental Information: Oppersdorf ist ein sehr kleines Dorf, nur etwa 2 Quadratkilometer groß. Hier in Oppersdorf ist dieses Schild kein gewöhnliches Schild, sondern ein absolutes Unikat und nur einmal erhältlich. Gemäß den Richtlinien kann alles, was einzigartig ist, zu Wayspot werden.

Hello, I want to expand our wayspots network so that people can go and play somewhere else and not stay at the same place, but that won’t work if every new nomination is rejected. My Wayspot nomination Unternehmeninformationsschild R15 39a, 93138 Lappersdorf, Deutschland was rejected again from Niantic. Why? Everytime when I receive a rejection, I receive a suggestion from Niantic to correct and apply again. That I did, but unfortunately again without success. Niantic guidelines say, quote: “Generally speaking, local businesses that are considered long-standing watering holes, favorite hyper-local hangouts, or even more regionally recognized as a cultural hotspot, fall under the eligibility criteria of Explore and can be submitted for consideration and review. For submitters, since this is a subjective judgement call the reviewers must make, do utilize the supporting text and images to strengthen your case. For reviewers, keep in mind that even a generic business in a small town can be an important part of the local community.”. I really did follow everything written above. It is very disappointing, that every absolutely ordinary religious thing, like a cross, will be approved as wayspot, but business things not, why? This sign is probably absolutely ordinary in big city or business center, but not by us, because of Oppersdorf is very small village in Lappersdorf’s municipality in the district of Regensburg, in Bavaria, Germany. Oppersdorf only has a handful of companies and they are listed on the sign. In Oppersdorf there is no big boards with advertising. And this sign is the only thing that makes residents of Oppersdorf aware of the fact, that in Oppersdorf local business exists. So the sign is very important and unique for us in Oppersdorf. That i did wrote, but nobody from Niantic pays attention to this, why? I am very appreciate an reply to this question. And one more question, how should I nominate this sign, which is absolutely unique by us, to be approved as wayspot? Thank you in advance and best regards

Nominations need to be a great place to socialise, exercise or explore. You’re definitely not nominating this under the first two criteria, and I’d argue if you’re trying to nominate under the explore criteria because it tells people where local businesses are, then that suggests you feel the businesses themselves are the great places to explore, rather than the directional sign.

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I empathize with Oppersdorf but a sign for a set of businesses is generally not somewhere you would exercise, socialize or explore (these are the three criteria). So the rejection is completely expected, however maybe some of the businesses it’s pointing at could be eligible themselves. For example, if some of the arguments you used apply to the “Wirtshaus”, I could absolutely be persuaded.

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Thanks for your reply. You are right, this is about exploring criteria. But what should I change in my nomination, that Niantic und reviewers understand it either?

In my appeal an Niantic I did wrote that is about exploring.

I think you missed in this reply that it is potentially some of the businesses that could be places worth exploring. A business directory isn’t.

“Gemäß den Richtlinien kann alles, was einzigartig ist, zu Wayspot werden”

Das ist falsch. Mein Privathaus ist auch einzigartig aber deswegen ist es noch lange nicht zulässig.

Dass das Schild nicht zu Bewegung oder Treffpunkt (Socialising) passt, ist klar. Es passt aber auch zu Entdecken nicht.

Bei Richtungsanzeiger (Schilder wo nur dran steht, wo es lang geht) entdeckst du nichts. Du siehst nur wo es lang geht. Damit erfüllt dieses Schild gar kein Annahmekriterium.

Das Wirtshaus selbst kann eine Chance haben, die anderen Geschäfte klingen aber sehr gewöhnlich, also mit 0 Chance. Wenn die sich etwas abheben, ändert sich das natürlich, aber das einzige Geschäft seiner Art im Ort zu sein alleine reicht nicht.

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Thanks a lot at all of you for your time and efforts. I did understand, that you have written. I am not quite agree, because it was a big surprise for me personally, to see this Sign at first time (I moved hier in vor a couple of years) und realise, that in a very small village, like Oppersdorf, business life exists. It was an exploring for me, and it could be an exploring for other people too, depends on view. I do believe, that my nomination is in gray zone, and deserves to be a Wayspot. But it is only a game. Wenn I cannot make it better and people drive away from our small village to other places, because by us it’s no fun to play, then it is so. I personally do it too, I drive away to play. It is not a reason of the game, but sadly reality. Thanks a lot at all of you one more time!

Hi @AmaryllisLotus
There’re some tipps for rural areas right here:

Perhaps there’s an idea hidden :woman_shrugging:t2:

@kawin240 Hello, with all due respect, your comment makes no sense. According to the guidelines, a private house cannot become a wayspot, but a unique publicly accessible building can. The guidelines also have a point about tolerance for small towns and villages, and I am also appealing to this point. Because small towns and villages are at a disadvantage compared to large cities because they do not have as many opportunities for wayspots. Perhaps you come from a place where this problem does not exist, which is why you do not understand it. But I was hoping for understanding. It is not about black and white, there is grey zone too.

@AliceWonder1511 Hello, thank you for your suggestion. That is exactly the problem. Anything that is a church or a playground can serve as a Wayspot. But a small village has only one church and only one playground, and 2 Wayspots are not enough to play. There must be other ways to set up a wayspot, otherwise nobody will play in the village and drive to the city, which is environmentally unfriendly and not the point of the game

Dear Niantic, I do not see this problem as solved. This type of solution in small village causes global warming and climate change, because instead of going for a walk, people drive unnecessarily to other places to play your game.

The comment was to show you that uniqueness as a factor is not enough to overcome the ineligibility some nominations have.

The rural tolerance can only be applied to potentially eligible nominations, but can not leverage ineligible ones to being eligible.

With the concept of Wayfarer, rural areas are always at a disadvantage. But that is something that the game Devs have to solve instead. Wayfarer is only building a database for the Devs to use.

I come from a small village where there was only a church and a sporting club in the past few years, I know exactly how it is.

You can reduce the environmental impact by going Fahrgemeinschaft or by using other transportation methods, in rural areas that would by riding your bike for example, if you are able to.

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Hello! I know is annoying to don’t get your wayspot accepted, but reading the criteria that sign I wouldn’t say it follows any of them, as they told you. I can’t read Deutsch but most of them there seems to be generic businesses, but one of them seems to be a restaurant. That one, for example, could be able to fall under the socialize criteria, maybe you could try to submit it.

Also, “anything that is unique can become a wayspot” is part of the criteria, it have to be something that makes you socialize, exercise or explore, a “generic” directional sign I wouldn’t say it meets any of them. Adding to this, a nomination “in the grey zone” not always deserves to be a wayspot. As is grey it can be or it can’t be. Please read again all the comments as they are very useful to understand the situation. I’m sure if you need help to find other possible nominations people here will try to help you find some.

Hi @AmaryllisLotus
Oh I feel with you :pensive:
Small villages like this are so beautiful. No trouble, no traffic, but also no wayspot, because there’s nothing.
I google a bit around and find that there’s a trail which runs thruw Oppersdorf. Perhaps you can find something around this?
And I read yesterday(?) that someone nominated a wideview and uses a bench to give it an anchor.
Or a place where “the youth” normally hang around (but not the FF that’s a no no)?
I hope you find the small secrets

I give up :slight_smile: I don’t quite agree with Ambassadors, because it is always an interpretation, what is illegible. According to my understanding, guidelines do not object my nomination, I didn’t find the point with a direct clear objektion. It is always abouts interpretation. Nevertheless I gave up. Thanks a lot to all of you for your help :slight_smile:

I feel like the plaza/strip mall clarification is being completely overlooked, maybe even willfully? :thinking::grimacing:
The fact that nobody even bothered asking what the stores are or acknowledging that plaza/strip mall signs can be valid placemarkers for an entire centre makes the responses come off kind of aggressively dismissive :flushed:

To me, this seems like it may fit the description of

Businesses that might just not be visually unique or interesting enough on their own. However, as a collection they are an interesting place to visit or socialize with others.

And that seems to be the way it’s been described by the OP (albeit, not in the actual nomination), making the response even more questionable from those who surely know full well of the clarifications :thinking:

I would only suggest the OP should be clear that these signs are not eligible themselves, that they’re only eligible placemarkers for the centre, so the title would need to be either the official name or a reasonable descriptive title for the centre itself and the description should tell people what kind of activities they might do socially or what they might find to explore.
What makes the centre a popular destination? Where would you hang out with friends here?
In a small community, centres like this are usually a significant community hub, you just need to explain why for those who aren’t familiar with the location :woman_shrugging:t2:

This sign is not such a sign like described in this clarification though, so what you brought here doesn’t even apply. This is not a centre


I mean, we’re obviously the worst, but where is the plaza here? This is in the middle of a street and the businesses are not located in a single cluster or industrial zone. You can see pins for several of them in OP’s screenshots, they are scattered throughout town.

Not sure about your definition of plaza but none of these are businesses that you would find in a plaza (I think), these are all industrial-type businesses such as a sawmill and a metal welding place. The only place that could be an interesting place to socialize at or explore is the eatery, advice about which has been given above.

Please consider the possibility that some of those giving advice have actually thought about this and about the related clarifications, have read the signs and looked up the businesses and are in no way anti-plaza.

Fair enough, if that’s the case, but that still isn’t entirely apparent to me from the details given by the OP :woman_shrugging:t2:
Nobody seems too sure of what the businesses are, going by the statements made (you “think”), so it seemed it would have been more reasonable to ask before giving a flatly negative response with no allowance for nuance.

Given that it’s a global community, I think it’s reasonable to consider that regional differences might skew our judgements, so it’s not necessarily for us to pick apart the way something looks, only advise of the criteria that may be applicable and allow submitters to choose what to do with that information. All I can say is that if the location is anything like German settlement villages in my country, then a “town centre” would be akin to a strip mall and signage for it may qualify similarly. This is what it looked like to me :woman_shrugging:t2:
As I said, the OP would need to improve the nomination, if this were the case, though :+1:t2: