Wayspots quality in Poland is extremaly low now

Thank you (Niantic) for removing entire clusters and accepting (Wayfarers) new high-quality wayspots in their place. Examples from recent days:




Very sad to see this as new places.

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I would suggest sharing titles and coordinates if you are hoping for action on these wayspots.

I would also very strongly recommend against accusing players of specific games, we aim to maintain a friendly and respectful atmosphere on this forum.


Now there are dozens if not hundreds of them. Since the quality does not disturb to local players, I do not see the basis for reporting it to delete. I wrote this message just to draw attention to the pathology.

We need more wayfarer memes.

Just a few coordinates for the examples and/or surrounding ineligible coal Wayspots


At least you got some

Countries and regions where Wayfarer Challenges have taken place have generally experienced a subsequent decline in the quality of their wayspots.
Poland was the country where the early Wayfarer Challenges were held, and it suffers from the same problem to this day.
So why does this happen?
It is because a large number of wayspot nominations are made at the same time, with some misguided and enthusiastic wayfinders causing the appearance of low-quality wayspots.
Also, now that we are Wayfarer, we are reviewed by the same people who submitted those low quality wayspot nominations.
Also, since the decision is basically made by majority vote, a Wayfinder who only nominates high quality wayspots and wants high quality wayspots in their reviews as well will lose the majority vote and become the minority, and their rate will gradually decrease.
They then leave in despair of Wayfarer and never return.
When this cycle repeats itself, it would be strange if wayspot did not become low quality.
And the trend will be even stronger now that Emily, who has overlearned that low quality wayspot, is now active.

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