Waystop/poi not coming into the Game

  • Waystop Accepted but not appearing in Pokemon Go
  • Nominated: 2024-05-12 Accepted: 2024-05-13
  • Nominated on an IPhone 8 running iOS 16.7.8
  • Pokemon Go & Version 0.313.0

The Waystop should be around the Marked Location, is 2 Cells away from the nearest Pokestop so it would not be that problem.

Coordinates if someone needs

That is because it was removed from the gameboard before the recent clarifications. I have reinstated it. Give it a few days and it should show up.


This bicycle sign is just a directional marker which is also a generic street sign, called “Zwischenwegweiser”.
This nomination should never be accepted.
Therefore the sign for the trail mentioned in your title and description should look like the three shown here: Radweg

This is not a “Zwischen Wegweiser”
I know someone who is there to keep the route intact and when a sign is missing he replaces them, I have just talked with him and he said that they are every 500-1km and are official Trail Markers. Which are on the exact track of the shown trail in Radweg
They are keeping you an track because only every 2 Kilometres you will see this
but as he said, both of them are considered as Main and Official Trail markers for this route.
I hope I explained it right. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Is that the same nomination?