Weather vane and clocks

I plan to submit rhis, but im womderingnif this is

  1. Still acceptable, they used to be

  2. What criteria it would come under

I think a clock tower (well, small one) amd a boat weather vane (was impossible to get a good picture of the weather vane safely). Wondering if anyone can give advice as this isnt my usual thing to submit lol

I would just focus on the clock tower. The weather vane while there now may be only temporary and the clock tower looks interesting. I, myself, prefer wayspots that focus on one object rather than several different ones.

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Clock tower is very intriguing already. The weather vane is so small that it wouldn’t catch match trainers attention :mag_right:

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You could definitely include the detail of the weather vane in the description of the clocktower. If you can find information on it, it’s absolutely a unique detail to include. Like X Town clock tower was built in X year. At the very top is an antique weather vane from X year.

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