What are criterias for benches?

I’ve submitted a bunch of public benches, but all were rejected.
I want to know what else the bench should be to become accepted.

Memorial benches for significant individuals (so not some random person’s aunt Sally), commemorative benches for important events, and uniquely artistic benches can all be eligible. A bench can also be used as an anchor point for a scenic lookout.


They have even added a clarification for this:

I love this Category - check them all out!

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We were clearly sharing a brain at this moment. :brain:

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There is a regular bench category. There is nothing memorable about the benches I have around. Just public benches in the village

If you want suggestions, post one of your bench nominations in Nomination Support

Even if the bench doesn’t meet criteria by itself, maybe it could serve as a visual anchor for an eligible location, like a mini park, or an urban plaza, or a viewpoint. Those could be destinations to be social or explore.

Oh! Those categories you pick on your nomination are NOT crtieria. If you look it includes things like fire stations and elementary schools. Ingress submissions don’t have to choose those, so I forget they are there.


If you’re on about the tags that you can give nominations through Pokémon Go, those are not a list of eligible things. In fact, several things on that list are ineligible, such as schools.

The criteria is a great place to socialise, exercise or explore.


ok thanks, i haven’t figured out how to link my rejected nomination

you can take screenshots and post those

basically they looks like this ±

Oh. I don’t see any way those will meet criteria. Sorry for the bad news, but thank you for sharing so we knew what you were talking about.

Must meet at least one of the three eligibility criteria

  • A great place for exploration
  • A great place for exercise
  • A great place to be social with others

those are good for socialization no?

They arent a “great” place really, so they would rarely be accepted unless as per above, they were placemarking a park or other location that is more than just the bench

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Criteria is more a GREAT place for being social. This is a place where you can sit and someone else could, too, but it is not designed as a place to meet up.

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Check this then

this one even has a table, people play Domino here, still axed X_x

Okay this one could be eligible. I would submit this as a courtyard and explain how it is used.


This looks a little different from yours but is the basic idea I would use

Here are some that i’ve got accepted that i think are good examples.