What else is the point of the Wayfarer Challenge?

Don’t rush to criticize me yet.
I’m still enjoying the Wayfarer Challenge reviewing various nomination of interesting foreign wayspots

But the challenge has too many side effects…

Leaving aside the delays in nominations that should have been reviewed normally, One time, after Wayfarer challenge ended, nearly 2/3~3/4 of the wayspots that were supposed to be 100% passed were rejected, for a whole month. Although Niantic didn’t say it, I guess there should be something wrong with something like AI or robot review.

In addition, the current unsynchronization of more than 4-5 days, emily shutdown, and the downgrade of the reviewing grade that reported in other articles truly reflect the fact that the Wayfarer Challenge = Bug Competition occurred.

I believe what I said above, people who often use Wayfarer should have the same impression.

If the above problems are not solved, what is the point of hastily running the challenge?