Was the Wayfarer Challenge really coming?

I heard that when the Japanese Wayfarer Challenge came the other day, a large number of recommendations and edit requests that were somewhat misleading were approved in an instant. I had important business to attend to around the time of the previous Japanese Wayfarer Challenge and was exhausted, so I did not have enough energy left to make recommendations or edit requests, so I submitted a large number of recommendations and edit requests to coincide with the arrival of the Japanese Wayfarer Challenge. However, even after waiting for two full days, the only emails I received were those that were rejected by coal and those that were automatically reviewed by Emily, so I have not been able to feel the effect of the Wayfarer Challenge. I believe that the Wayfarer Challenge was coming because I received reviews from North America and Germany, but I did not feel any “festival” like the ones I saw on various bulletin boards and SNS. Considering these results, was the Wayfarer Challenge really coming?

I’m in the US, and none of my edits submitted during the challenge have been decided on by the community. Keep in mind, this challenge is to get the backlog of submissions and edits down, so there’s no guarantee that anything new will be reviewed before the challenge has finished.

And yes, the challenge was announce beforehand here in the forums and other social media. This post from May 10th was the announcement that the challenge would be in 5 days.

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So that’s what happened with this Wayfarer Challenge…I had no idea about it at all. I’m a nervous person, so I’m not satisfied unless the Wayspot is exactly where it is displayed on the map. I feel very frustrated when I see spots with descriptions that have “です。” or “ます。” at the end (both of which are considered polite language in Japanese). I’ve been going around fixing wayspots like that, but it’s hard to come up with alternative sentences, and the judges don’t approve them easily, and they often get tossed in the coals in the first place. In the midst of all this, I heard people boasting on social media and message boards that “Even though it was a pretty unreasonable application, they easily approved it this time!!!” so I whipped my tired body and submitted many applications. However, I’m not good at English (this sentence is also a mechanical translation of a Japanese sentence), and I couldn’t understand the meaning of the statement issued by Niantic that “We will take off from Japan, refuel, and return.” Still, thank you for providing such a detailed explanation. There’s been a lot of fuss on Japanese social media about people being wrongly banned through edit requests. I don’t know if there’s anything similar going on in the US because it’s a different country, but I hope that these kinds of problems will come to an end.