What exactly did I do wrong?

I’ve appealed the first decision, just wanting to know what everyone here thinks the reason might be?

Are you able to provide the supporting info/photo for this nomination? Since it has been appealed, do you also remember the rejection reason you received?

If I can remember right the rejection was a generic doesn’t meet wayfare criteria.

It’s on a private property, it appears, and Wayspots cannot be on private property, such as a single family home.


It’s just a bunch of rocks that could easily be moved, which look to be on single family residence private property.

That’s two rejection criteria there without looking further. I would suggest reading the criteria again before submitting anything else.


Fair enough, I just feel like there are an insane amount of movable stops. And as for the private residence, the rock garden is almost on the road… idk our garden has been here for about 3 years now and we welcome the community to add more painted rocks so again it seems like there’s some salty people out there

If you feel there are Wayspots that can be moved you can report them.

It may get rejected from this report, so you may need to raise them further here on the forums in that instance to get Niantic to take another look.

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I think the thing you have to remember about nominating in a residential area, is how will your neighbours feel about lots of the game players suddenly descending on the area at all hours just to visit the spot? In a busy community this could be a lot of people. Now imagine your neighbour did it for something that you don’t play - would you be happy with people showing up, hanging around right outside your house, etc?

In my experience, there’s very little in housing estates that can actually be nominated. And for good reason when you actually think about it! You are better off looking around for small hidden parks, or a community noticeboard as they are much more likely to be accepted! Or even a “little library” which, if not located on someone’s property, might get accepted!

Good luck.

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Reminder here that existing wayspots (which could have been approved at any time and in any way) are not evidence of eligible things (and could get removed at any time), however both moveable objects and single-family private residential property (which your garden appears to be) are very much clearly spelled out rejection criteria. So the decision is correct.