What is the best method of becoming an Ambassador?

I live in a small town. And applied for the Ambassador program in early this here. I just want some pointer. On how do I improve my chances of becoming one ?

Hello! I think you are talking about Pokémon GO Ambassador (maybe I’m wrong). If your question is related to that, this forum is just Wayfarer related, other places like Redddit will help you better than here.
If you are asking for Wayfarer Ambassador then I don’t think there is something you need to do to improve your chances.

Thank you. Think that answer my question. And yess would like to become an Pokemon Go Ambassador :smile_cat:

It’s okay. I will close this topic as is not Wayfarer related. Try to ask for help on Discord servers, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They will be able to help you in some of those places ^^