What’s the difference between a generic business and local unique shops?

Hmm. I don’t think that i would reject a pawn shop because it sells wea-pons as one of the many types of items it happens to sell. I see that restriction on a store that exclusively sells wea-pons. For example, i would accept a mural in a Wal-mart and those stores also sell fire arms.

But pawn shops just don’t feel like a true “explore”. Sure, there are people who love to shop there (my own sister, her husband, and son love pawn shops) but lots of people get similarly excited at Home Depot and i wouldn’t accept one of those.

IDK, pawn and thrift stores are definitely “use your best judgment” based on how well the submission is written.


It’d be swell if those reasons were given. I just get generic business.

That being said, at my local shop musicians meet, jam and socialize. It’s a big place, not what you would think when you think pawn shop. Think like bass pro big, well almost anyways. With as much to explore as any curiosity shop, they sell exercise equipment…far more affordably than new :stuck_out_tongue:

They do magic the gathering and comic book swap days. They have music lessons for kids. They keep the whole show so to speak family friendly, any and all items that would be age restricted (pewpews and stabbies) are only displayed on a digital kiosk, and are sold in an age restricted area as to keep youngling eyes from spying.

They display the National Safe Place sign, and work with the NSPN.

I get it, I just disagree with a blanket coverage as a nope if you savvy.


Yeah, none of the pawn shops in my area are like that at all. Almost all routinely advertise that they buy/sell fire arms, all are on display, even if behind a counter. The only thing I have ever gotten a deal on at a pawn shop was a CD, so, yeah, I don’t really find them that great of places.

BTW, Walmart has been drawing down selling fire arms, especially since there was a mass “you know what” at one.

Thanks. That’s still amusing 6 months later.

I would think that antique stores could make great wayspots. That was a category I hadn’t thought much about but another person in our area found a website for an “antique trail” in our area that listed antique shops, organizing them like a road trip type of experience.

She used that in support of multiple successful nominations.


Yo juego a ingress desde sus inicios, tengo 636 portales otorgados y elijo portales, no pokeparadas ni gimnasios y SI, me molesta que les llamen pokeparadas

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And it bothers me that you call them portals when they are clearly settlements.


Hey - I’m a little late to the party. I’d love to help you and answer some of your questions. Could you post a couple of your business park nominations? I personally have a little luck getting some of those approved. Maybe we can compare notes.

En España e ingress les llamamos portales