What's Significance got to do with it?

This is the second Waymarker / trail marker I’ve had rejected on Appeal… Again, pops up the word ‘significance’…

What is going on? Trail markers like this on Safely set out routes by a local Footpath Trail Group who maintain and set the routes around this location are the bread and butter of Niantic games, are they not?

I’d like to seriously ask to show me a significant trial marker… Significance has nothing to do with it, it shouldn’t.

Your appeal staff really must go back to basics and stop listening to people like @Niantic Arron. Or however it’s spelt.

I spend my spare time doing this and ive built up that area all by myself. A good 14/16 gyms… It had about 3…


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I think it may be a bit harsh to blame @NianticAaron

Is it not more a cultural difference from whoever is doing the appeal. I’m familiar with UK trail markers, NCN routes etc so it’s pretty easy for me to see what they are.

Show me a trail marker from France, Germany, Spain etc and I’m 100% sure I’d mix up the actual trail markers with regular directional signs if I was only looking at the image and judging them from that.


The fiasco in the Netherlands isn’t helping the situation either, affecting legitimate waymarkers like this, links to routes and photos of official maps of the routes too. These waymarkers encourage all three pillars imo.

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You went with Tina Turner! My choice would be Aretha Franklin:
S-I-G-N-I-F-Y, tell me how’s that s’posed to fly?

There is nothing explaining how significance is supposed to bear upon our nominations or reviews. If it’s a valid criterion, where is it available in our workflow? Tooltips? Criteria and Content Guidelines?


I’m really glad I’m not the only one with the Tina Turner earworm :joy:

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The fact that it is a trail marker should make it significant.


Exactly. It’s like denying you need food and water to live!

Hmm, is this some sort of sign? Perhaps it signifies something about a marked trail, so hikers will know where they are and which way the trail goes? I’ll bet they can explore the area, even get some exercise.



These folk doing the appeals clearly need a refresher.

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Fiasco? Lol. They are trail markers and elegible. Interpretation is mainly done by votes. And like other people clarify here; culture.