What's the point if you don't see waypoints in game?

I understand we are all collecting information for the greater Niantic AR universe.
And I also understand because of the mechanics in the different games something that is nominated in Ingress will not necessarily show up in PoGo.
That said I have had nominations rejected because they were allegedly duplicates when I am not seeing that same “duplicate” in Ingress. Is it a duplicate in the Niantic system? Is the waypoint in one game and not the other?
Further I have had continued nominations approved that didn’t show up in Ingress. Not just one or two.
So I’m wondering what’s the point? If we can’t improve the community that we are in and reap the benefits of the work that we put in for Niantic, then I’m losing interest in doing the work for Niantic and not get any benefit out of it.
I purchase a hundred dollars of in game currency monthly, I pay the monthly CORE subscription and I go out of my way to do the necessary work to expand the Niantic universe yet get dinged for duplicates that aren’t there and I don’t see the portals that did get approval.
All that said I don’t think I’m being treated unfairly or that I should get special approval cause I buy things, my point is is that the larger effort we all put in to collect data for Niantic should be returned in kind.


Inclusion criteria for ingress is 20m from another portal. Inclusion criteria in pogo is level 17 s2 cells.

Not all wayspots appear in Ingress, no.

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Hi! First of all, you are nominating wayspots for the Lightship map. Each game will decide what wayspots approved in that map will appear on their games, following their own inclusion rules.
Also, if you are nominating using Pokémon GO you will be able to see with the icon of a pokestop those pokestops near you. Also, you will be able to see an icon that is a “!”, those are the ones that exists but are not appearing in Pokémon GO. You will need to check principally those to make sure you are not nominating a duplicate ^^
And to end, “I should get special approval cause I buy things” is not something that makes sense for me. No one is obligating you to buy things and no one is obligating you to nominate wayspots. Imo I consider this as a hobby, not something I have to do ^^

I understand the frustration around what you wanted to nominate not showing up as a portal and I completely agree that the wording around the nomination process in Ingress is confusing as it implies anything you nominate has chances to become a portal. However all games have their own inclusion rules, those that the developers of those games decided on implementing, and so does Ingress. This is the Wayfarer forum, and while it is useful to share feedback around the nomination process in Ingress, the wording used in games and even more so the inclusion rules aren’t really something the Wayfarer team can impose on Ingress developers. Wayfarer can and does reward you with agreements for reviewing all kinds of nominations, not only those that make it into any games, and takes care of a centralized game-agnostic database called Lightship.

There are also games outside of Ingress and Pokémon GO. Maybe you helped someone in another current or future title. Or in a more self-centered perspective, maybe your thing will go live in Ingress if one of the nearby portals is removed.

There is also absolutely no reason why paying customers for a specific game should get advantages in Wayfarer or not get their nominations rejected, I don’t think that was listed in the CORE terms of purchase.

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Thank you for responding but I specifically pointed out that I shouldn’t get special approval so I take exception to your comment

Oh my God I’m really sorry. I read “All that said I think I’m being…”. My fault and I apologize with you ^^ At least I expect my previous comments helped you in some way :+1:

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Okay so this was a mistake obviously because these are bot responses. Two responses so far saying the identical thing trying you use passive aggressiveness to point out something I clearly did not say.

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This is such a healthy community so far I’m glad I joined it. You guys are the best.

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MegaTrainerRed is English second language (from Spain) and rarely makes mistakes, and I am sure is mortified. This is a person who has been very kind and helpful in all our interactions, mostly on the Wayfarer Discussion Discord.

I get so frustrated, too, submitting in Ingress. At least PoGo has a toggle they can turn on to see all Wayspots in the nomination screen. But that wouldn’t even help me in Ingress, since I usually submit remotely. And Ingress not using the imported Courts of the World Wayspots, even if eligible spacing-wise, is really infuriating.

I would love for them to have a way to let us know if something is eligible to appear in the game we are submitting in when we submit.

[oops it took so long to write that, a bunch of replies have gone up since i started.]


Oooh thank you for your lovely words Cyndie :heart_hands:
Also I have to correct you, I normally make mistakes :rofl:
But this time I really felt bad because I didn’t read one word that changes all the meaning of their message.

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Aww man, I’m too busy this week to be accused of being a bot. So sad.

It’s okay botprincess, in the future you will have more opportunities! :robot:

You can see all the wayspots if you look closely at the submission map in PoGo, wayspots that aren’t pokestops are marked with a different symbol. That can help to minimise duplicates… weirdly the same feature isn’t available in Ingress.

Some other games use wayspots differently, for example in Pikmin Bloom you can get a postcard from wayspots that are otherwise invisible, which is kind of cool.