Poke to Portal?

Recently submitted three POI, all picnic shelters, named by number. Number#1=Portal. Number#2=Portal. Number#3=Pokestop/No portal. Is there a way to appeal to make it a portal as well? By whatever voodoo #3 ends up being a gym, which is great…but seeing as #1 and #2 are in Ingress #3 would make sense, right? I imagine it being easier down the road with the potential for Ingress folks to see 1 and 2 and try to submit 3, not knowing it is a pokestop.

When a wayspot nomination is accepted it goes in to the Lightship database. From there each Niantic game uses their own inclusion rules. So there is nothing that can be done right now as they just appear in games that meet these inclusion rules.


As the inclusion rules have already been mentioned I will just note that Pokémon GO does have duplicate check for any nearby Wayspots that don’t sync to the game whilst nominating a new Wayspot.

Ingress currently doesn’t, which you note. If you want that implementing, raise it in your Ingress app or on r/Ingress (as the team read that now that the official forums are gone).


Would you like to share the coordinates so we can take a look to see what may be happening here? Most likely it is normal behavior, but we’ve seen a few weird things with Ingress not ingesting all available POI. If it’s a known error, we can pass it along.

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Sure thing, https://maps.app.goo.gl/iQWJ8bNQKq1JpFmb9 (JWF6+QH3 Porter, Indiana)

I am sure it is normal behavior, hopefully not lol. It just seems silly to have #1 and #2, but no #3.

Its on the lightship map. But i think it’s too close to the one next to it to show in Ingress. Also, it is slightly misplaced off the pavilion.

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I downloaded Pokemon to check, it’s a gym. But if I were a visitor and didn’t know I would submit the POI for Ingress in a heartbeat…seeing #1 and #2 seems like #3 would be a no brainer. I guess it is what it is, sorry for the frustrations of future recon LOL

Yeah, that’s a frustration many have expressed before. It is totally on the Ingress game team to fix that.


One I’ll be raising with the Ingress Player Ambassadors when those get selected for sure.