Where is the consistency?

Again we are thrown back into the debate of Survey Markers and what makes them eligible or ineligible?

I have reviewed this one just now and I gave it a thumbs up :+1: because this nomination gave me no reason to object it.

Although everyone says you can’t use the disc pin markers because they are mass produced blahblahblah

Well then where is the option to say it is ineligibile?
If i can’t find the reason to reject it in the selections then it shouldn’t be rejected.
This person has obviously submitted and got accepted the other 10+ practically similar poi of other different survey markers on the same street.

This is my own submission below this was rejected and also rejected on appeal.

I even found the official survey marker reports and was able to include the important historical information about who even installed it and when yet it got rejected.
But as you see those ones go through.
If they can go through then any survey marker that meets all other criteria can too.

Enough of this mass produced bs reasons.
Because if someone has taken the time to look down on the ground while out exploring the community.
or use council records to find local historical information by doing research.

If you ask me people like this are The Real Way Finders

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There was a new section about survey markers in the criteria clarification

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