Why aren’t the stats on my Ingress and wayfarer the same?

I’ve attached screenshots of my badge in ingress and my wayfarer stats. I personally logged out and in again to verify I signed in on all three accounts with the same gmail.

I’ve attached an old screenshot of my stats to show what they were (at least in 2019, when I last was actively reviewing)

My trainer name is Barcode254, and This is my agent profile

Was my old progress deleted?
My “current” stats

My review badge in go

My badge in ingress

My review stats from 2019, from the same account

Did you delete, not just uninstall, a Niantic game at some point over the last couple of years?

I have not. I have no clue how to find my ingress start date, but here’s a badge with a date on it. Both are the same login. And my ingress account was made in 2013

Are you sure you haven’t? Typically stats get reset if you delete a game account that’s connected to the account you use for wayfarer, even if the game in question doesn’t have wayfarer access itself. So if you played Monster Hunter Now, Pikmin Bloom, NBA All World, Peridot, or any other Niantic game, then deleted your account for that game, and you used the same credentials that you use for Ingress, Pokémon Go and Wayfarer, then that would cause your stats to reset.

I am 100% sure

I have sent you a DM with details. Please check that.

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I would love to know what caused this in case it comes up again if the answer is anything you can share with the rest of us. The only way I knew was deleting a game account.