Why did the local flower store get rejected as a POI?

I already entered it multiple times with slight variations and it already got rejected for „wayfarer criteria“ and „other reasons“ which does not tell me what to improve at all. It actually went into niantic voting twice but got rejected and since that i can not get it past the algorythm that rejects it after ~24h anymore. It is a local flower store that many people visit from time to time to get their loved ones flowers. Should I change the picture again? I think it looks best from some distance.

sry for the german
Name: Blumen Regina
Description: Ein lokales Blumengeschäft
Additional info: stop ist am eingang des geschäftes platziert, es ist genügend platz am gehsteig und sogar ein parkplatz gegenüber um jede menge leute zu versammeln, gleich nebenan steht eine arena, lokales blumen geschäft, geheimtipp für gartensachen
Approximate location: 48,27479° N, 16,38947° E

What eligibility criteria would you say it meets and how have you conveyed that to reviewers?


Einzigartigkeit und alles rund um Geschäfte ist immer schwer zu erklären.
“Gewöhnliches Geschäft” ist einer der Ablehngründe auf der Kriterienseite. Einfach nur ein lokaler Laden zu sein wie in deiner Beschreibung, reicht nicht.

Auch hier hast du wieder über Pokemon GO in der Zusatzinfo geschrieben. Du musst aber Wayfarer Kriterien, nicht Pokémon GO Kriterien, um es akzeptiert zu bekommen.


I’m not convinced that this flower shop is a great place to be social, exercise, or explore. A flower shop can be seen as a generic business, and I’m not convince of why this shop is important to the community, a place where you can meet up with others, or do some light exercising.

Now, this is not to say this shop is unique to the community, but you need to convince reviewers of that. For example, there is a candy store where I live that has a Wayspot. What makes it unique is that is has been owned by the same family since 1885, and their specialty are Chippers, which are chocolate covered potato chips (don’t knock them until you try them). That is a place I’d want to explore, and I would want others in my community or visiting to also explore.