Why is a similar pokestop allowed but mine keeps getting rejected

I’m so frustrated by this. I’m trying to nominate a set of benches on a busy walking trail as a pokestop, there’s a similar pokestop over 2km away on the same trail that was allowed, but mine is rejected. They are a good walk apart, so nothing close by. It’s right beside a busy path entrance, like who are the people rejecting this? It literally fits all criteria. It’s not fair.

Not all benches are eligible, and before the clarification recently, many were getting approved. Here is the current criteria clarification for benches:


Unfortunately, just because something similar was accepted will mean yours will be . This is especially the case if you are comparing to older waystops.

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I had the similar problem. I’ve nominated a Rent a bike station (one of those places you insert a coin, get a bike, and later you put it back). It promotes healthy life - reduces the use of cars and air pollution while promoting healthy lifestyle and importance to exercise. And it got rejected. So okay. And then few months later I saw that the same stations in the other parts of the city became wayspots. Like they are literary the same. So I decided to appeal. And got rejected again. I almost threw the laptop through the window :rofl:

Don’t take what’s on the map as what is eligible.

Chances are the other nominator managed to get the right wording in there to convince reviewers it was a good nomination. Also could be different reviewers if a gap between them.

What rejection reason did they give you?

"Niantic Note

Thanks for the appeal, Explorer! The object in question does not meet the Wayfarer criteria as it is a regular station. We recommend you review the Wayspot Criteria before submitting your next Wayspot contribution: Wayfarer — Niantic Technical Support and Help Center"

And Rejection Criteria was Generic Business

I’d never waste an appeal on regular benches - Niantic won’t approve them. Your best hope is to get a decent description and supporting info to convince enough reviewers that it should be accepted.

Sadly, most benches will be rejected. Even memorial benches get rejected, so plain ones have even less of a chance.

If you are nominating the view, with the bench as a tangible item for the waypoint, say that. Describe the view from the bench. Write as if you are encouraging someone to visit it.

Bei mir werden auch stops abgelehnt. Ein kiosk das über 40 jahre existiert wird abgelehnt aber ein anderes erlaubt. Verstehe es auch nicht. Meldungen wo portale verschoben oder nicht mehr existieren werden auch ignoriert. Ich denke, die schauen es sich nicht einmal an. So macht es keinen Spaß und keinen Sinn. Es nervt nur noch.