Would this be eligible?

This question is to understand wayfarer criteria a bit more. There is a wayspot which is a pokemon gym as well at a hotel.
The hotel entrance fountain, which is a roundabout:

Streetview above; Satellite below

Now technically I saw this and thought maybe it doesn’t fit criteria. In the past of the big raid lobbies it was difficult all fitting in close here. However, that doesn’t happen often anymore.
Anyway, via game I made a report which was rejected. Then I used the wayspot removal form. It was also rejected with two separate replies in this manner “We have reviewed our records, and have not received a removal request from the property owner. In order to make any adjustments to the location in question, we need to collaborate directly with the property owner.” I often receive this answer from that way to inquire about removal rather than this is actually eligible.
I did send this screenshot to them as it made me think this was similar.

Although, this is only a smaller hotel entrance roadway.
I have seen similar nominations on occasion come through review. So looking for others thoughts :smile:

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I’ll be interested to see how others respond. That’s one I’d reject as not being safe for pedestrian access. I was looking at a really cool, very large public art piece earlier today, in the center of a roundabout. There were sidewalks at the perimeter and one in the center around the art, but the one in the center didn’t look great for access so I passed it by.

I would be curious to see that. I think depending on the access and space it might work. Does the sidewalk cross to the art piece with a pedestrian crosswalk? I think it depends on the the road. If there is a sign or information on or near the piece they might want people to check it out. That would be a good one to grab a couple pictures and put it in Nomination Support for community feedback

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I’m not sure what form you are referring to, but the response makes it sound like it is the one for property owners, not players.

The only form is via this forum. in Wayspot Appeals .

An ambassador told me when I previously put things on Wayspot Appeals to use the tab at the top of the wayfarer page “Wayspot Removals”. Although, it isn’t going well. Although, I prefer this method as it is more anonymous.
Apparently if anything is removed in my city it is me doing so only according to some :rofl: Community base isn’t very happy, but I am likely not the only one removing things. Although, I do edit and remove a lot more than others.

Everyone is allowed to use the “property owner” form for removals. There are a few Nia employees who havent gotten that memo.


I would likely reject that as unsafe, with no pedestrian access. The satellite view makes it look like that roundabout is technically on a road, not in the Hotel parking lot where I would be more inclined to give it a pass.

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Yes there is a road there. Technically this would be a less busy road. However, there have been many times when the main road to downtown was backed up and people used this to bypass the traffic. Although, to be honest, it was not likely faster.