20th filled cell level 14 s2 cell, but no gym appeared!

I tried to report a bug in game dymamics to niantic but they don’t solve the problem! Who can help me?

On 26 May 2024 18 th pokestop appeared in the levell 14 S2 cell in my neighbourhood this was now the 20th filled cell at coordinate 52.48694, 6.11679. A third gym should appear but this didn’t happen. There is an error in game dynamics

I reported this to niantic, but the only reaction they give is:

“I certainly understand your concern. Please know that the status of PokéStops and Gyms is fluid to change. We do go through all your messages and share them with our team for further updates and improvements in Pokémon GO. We appreciate your understanding.”

Why is niantic not willing to help and how can I fix this bug?
Mailing niantic didn’t help

Unfortunately, this isn’t a Wayfarer issue, but a PoGo issue.

Each game uses the Lightship map to choose game play locations, and how they choose is based on different rules. These rules aren’t set in stone, so there is no guarantee that any Wayspot will be added to any game, and no guarantee that any Wayspot will become a certain type of game play location.

You may want to consider contacting the PoGo team in regards to this issue. You can report Wayspot modifications for PoGo at the following link:

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Is there a sponsored gym in the L14? That can count as one of the 3 gyms we would expect to pop up with 20 poke somethings.

What are you using to check the amount of Pokéstops and Gyms in the cell? Some tools are not accurate as they’re user submitted and users sometimes make mistakes.

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IITC can’t always be trusted either for counting the amount of Go Wayspots.

It would show 19 here but there’s 20 already.

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thank you for your answer. No there is no sponsored gym in the L14.

I didn’t count my self, but two friends of my play ingress. They counted.

What could play a role is the following: First, there were 3 gyms in this L14.
At 1 gym, raids stopped appearing at one point.
A little later this gym turned into a pokestop
Again later this pokestop also disappeared completely, then it was only in ingress, which it later also disappeared into.
But never came a new gym.

Are you sure there aren’t other portals that have been removed from pogo, leaving you with only 19 pokethings instead of the 20 you need, even though intel shows 20 level 17 s2 cells that could potentially have pokethings?

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i need a :brain: reaction for your posts @NvlblNm . yes, the op needs to go verify that every portal they think is a poke something actually is in pogo. i have several cases here where something exists as a portal in a free L17 cell but is not in pogo because of a property owner removal of the pokestop/gym or a geoblock for pogo.

especially if

that sounds like a property owner being upset with pogo players and making requests

yes I think so, but at the same location where the gym/stop was removed a new stop appeared a month later…but maybe that’s the problem. maybe the new stop wasn’t counted because of problems with the property owner