Pokestopes and gyms massive wipe in Rzeszow, Poland

On 22nd May, about 6PM I was heading with my fiance to two gyms that we had nearby our location. We couldn’t enter them because of the information that those gyms are under construction. After a few minutes they and also ALL pokestopes in the area disappeared.

It’s 24th now - my fiance had submitted a few tickets to Niantic but with irrational response. Whole area is empty now. Campfire map shows that gyms but they aren’t present in game.

I’ve found some map that shows aprox how it looks right now:

We’re playing on Google Pixel 7 Pro and 8 Pro, android 14, newest version.
Location data: about 2km radius around cord. 50.022837631279835, 22.007256855288258

What’s going on and how to fix it? Will those spots come back to the game? If so, then when? It’s event time now, and walking 2km to closest pokestop isn’t fun.

I believe pogo sync was skipped yesterday, which may have delayed how quickly eligible wayspots resync, but the short of it is that Niantic seems to actually be cleaning up some of the worst abuse clusters and ensuring that the pokethings in affected areas meet the game’s inclusion criteria.

Campfire always has a delay in updating to reflect when gyms have been removed. It can take a couple of weeks for them to vanish from Campfire.

In cases where this has happened in the past, it’s because Niantic is clearing up abuse. They’ll effectively wipe an area from Pokémon Go and then allow things to resync using the one Pokéstop or Gym per Level 17 S2 Cell rule a couple of days later.


This is a part of our abuse management process. Wayspots eligible to appear in games will return on the gameboard within a few days. Thanks,


NianticAaron, I don’t know if you are in know about whats happening but there’s an issue in this area with a certain player using wayfarer to ruin gameplay for everyone else out of spite.

How do you mean they’re ruining the gameplay for everyone? What are they doing? And how do you know who it is or that it’s one person?

The actions we had taken after we received conclusive evidence suggesting abuse.

Wayfarer abuse, reporting stops and getting them deleted. Abuse of the report system really.

I think the abuse was abusing the report system to get those wayspots deleted. Kindly reverse the reports and changes a spiteful person made to get those wayspots deleted in that area restored. Broadly spoken its wayfarer abuse but more specifically its abuse of the report system

Im sorry but your area seems to have been a victim of wayfarer report system abuse by a very spiteful person.

No, that’s not what has been abused.

The abuse was committed by people who deliberately exploited a flaw in the system to create an area with a density of Pokéstops and Gyms that shouldn’t have been possible. All Niantic is doing here is forcing the area to update to conform to the one Pokéstop or Gym per Level 17 S2 Cell rule that should’ve always been in effect anyway. You’ll end up with the amount of Pokéstops and Gyms that you should’ve had, and not a clustered mess like you had before.


Um no. Abuse of the report system was also done as well in this particular area to get stuff deleted . Unless the bad actor behind these malicious reports and location edits are dealt with, this will continue popping up.

We take action on a Wayspot only if we have conclusive evidence. If you think that the action was incorrect, I encourage you to appeal the decision with evidence.

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What if the evidence was fake? There has been prior history with a spiteful player abusing the report system in this particular city.
Unless you deal with the report abuse, this will only continue popping up. There is definitely wayfarer abuse but it involves more than the typical abuse to get clusters in a cell. This report abuse is ruining gameplay for other players.

All Im doing, is answering the ops question wtf is going on. Which is basically abuse of the report system by a very spiteful individual as part of his vendetta and revenge

The original post is about this area:

If I look at this area in the wayfarer database, there are approximately 90 wayspots there. I don’t know how many existed before Niantic took action, but that’s still a lot of wayspots in that size of area. What you see in Pokémon Go will obviously be less than 90 because of the cell rules, but there should still be a decent amount of things showing in Pokémon Go for that size of area.

We did not take action on Wayspots. We just reinforced the density and inclusion rules. So, any in-game locations that were removed from Pokémon GO were removed because they did not meet the density and inclusion rules of Pokémon GO. The Wayspots continue to exist in our locations database.


To be honest what is the purpose of 1 POI in one lvl 17 s2 cell?
There are places like the main square in my city, where there are several historical monuments related to various events in the history of the city or country. These are POIs worthy of appearing in games, unfortunately they are blocked by “System 1 cell one POI”.
Let the cell system be used to create gyms, But the appearance of a given POI in the game is determined by its “value” and not by the s2 cell system.

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I think there is some confusion - to my knowledge poi’s aren’t being retired. They are all in the Lightship database. Each Niantic games has its own proximity and density rules. So all of these spots you mention are eligible for the games. And Pikman Bloom will send out postcards from all of them.

What Niantic did was clear which ones had been in game and is allowing the game boards to repopulate. This will ensure that the proximity/ density is correct for each game board.


It is up to the game developers to decide what sort of rules they want to apply when selecting from the wayfarer database.
So although your frustration at knowing there are a lot more wayspots available that are not being used in Pokemon Go that is the responsibility of the Pokemon Go Team and not the Wayfarer Team.


Right now most of the POI Niantic is removing in my city are Pokestops that were made with previous system (20m from each other).
At the moment, Niantic’s actions are harmful to players and the game itself. Doing such purges will not change anything for the company, but will only discourage people from playing.