5 5 Rejected pois that are in the voting by Niantic

  • Wayspot : Wegweiser für Radfahrer und Wanderer und Fußgänger


Holzbrücke am Käsebach in Radeberg

Radeberg Gräberfeld 1945


51.1241147, 13.9267464
51.1108954, 13.9192700
51.1200401, 13.9129970
51.1211953, 13.9143167
51.1199644, 13.9141215

Just linking this post as some of these nominations were also spoken about there, albeit these ones appear to not be using third party photos.

These are not photos from third parties, I photographed them on site and submitted them on the same day and today I received the rejection from Niantic and the only thing I took from Wikipedia was the title and description

A reminder that third party text copypasted from Wikipedia is also very much an ineligibility criterion, so that rejection is correct.

Photos and text must be yours.

Okay, I took the pictures and titles and descriptions for the Pois (sculpture/signpost/bridge) myself and for the other 2 I took the photos myself but only took the titles and descriptions.