A nomination appears twice in Wayfarer

I was nominating wayspots earlier this week and noticed that one of my nominations, " Haukimäen laavu" appears twice in Wayfarer. I only nominated it once, and received one email, but this nomination has deducted me TWO nominations based on portal nominations available.

The confirmation of the wayspot in question was received at 27.5.2024 around 14.07 (EEST).

Nominated with Ingress scanner, version 2.141.1-4721fb8a

37 nominations were ok, one disappeared (separate topic about the missing nomination in here: A nomination disappeared after sending)

This may happen when there is a network lag and you press the submit button more than once.

Ok. That may have happened. Have to be more careful in the future and use the upload later button more. Thanks for the answer!

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