An Accepted Wayspot has re-entered voting

Like the title says an already accepted nomination of mine have been re-entered voting again and today entered in Niantic review.

Note that it had an issue before, the nomination was gone completely from wayfarer for a few day before magically appeared again (if i remember, wayfarer had an issue back then with vanished nomination)

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We’ve heard rumblings of this happening to others. It would be great if others could add theirs to this so Niantic can see this is not a unique case.

I submitted this item once. The AI picked it up and accepted it pretty fast.

Then the following day or so I realised that there was a 2nd version of it that was “in voting”.

I cant show images really as it already happened but here’s the accept and duplicate.


This has been reported before:

I had this same problem a month ago and somebody from niantic commented it was a bug and it shows that they’re rejected on my contribution page even though there in niantic games

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that hug looks too happy for the reaction i intended. oof.

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Niantic just doing niantic things

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